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Talksplode #12 with Joe Kelly of ‘I Kill Giants’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and more

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Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery talk to Joe Kelly about all the great work he’s been putting out lately, like our Book of the Month in June, I Kill Giants, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man, Four Eyes, Douglas Fredericks and the House of They, Bad Dog, and Bang Tango. We also go way back to Kelly’s start at Marvel Comics, his work on Deadpool and his defection from X-Men, and his long time work with Superman. These days he’s working on animation projects with his partners Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau at Man of Action, as well as doing creator owned books with Image Comics and Vertigo/DC Comics. It’s a lot of comic talk packed into this hour-plus conversation.

Running Time: 01:08:29



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  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I want to paint a mental picture for you. I’m a huge Joe Kelly fan. Love I Kill Giants. Love Four Eyes and Bad Dog. Josh invites me to co-pilot this Talksplode. I think about all the questions I have for Joe about process and genre bending and finally the day arrives. 25 minutes into the show and I realize, hey, I’m not just the audience on this one. I also get to ask my questions! 

    So, please forgive my silence early on in the episode, because I was still in listener mode. I love hearing writers talk, and after I got over my shyness I was able to go from being a fly on the wall to actually buzzing around the room. This was a lot of fun.

    Thanks to Joe and Josh for a great discussion on a wide range of topics!   

  2. Haha, awwww, poor Paul. You got a say at least!

    Really interesting interview. Joe seems like such a cool guy, he knows what he’s doing and I really dig pretty much everything he’s got going at the moment. Good stuff.

  3. Haven’t listened, but thanks!

    Also, I can’t access this podcast from the "Special Edition" podcast link on the front page, unfortunately.

    Thanks again.

  4. What do you mean you can’t access it?  The player doesn’t work for you?

  5. Nice piece, guys. Nice in-depth look at Joe’s work and his process. Definitely want to hear more like this. John Siuntres had better watch his back! 😉

  6. Sweet!  Can’t wait to listen to this.

  7. It’s late but I really have to check this out. Joe Kelly has quickly become one of my favorite writers.

  8. I might check out more of this guy’s stuff cuz his Amazing Spiderman.

  9. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I actually went to college with Joe Kelly’s nephew.  When his nephew saw me reading a Superman book, he told me who his uncle was and it blew my mind.  Then, like a month later, he showed up with a Superman trade signed by Joe made out to me, which was awesome.  So, his whole family is great!

    The interview itself is really informative.  Don’t worry about being a little shy there, Paul.  I’m sure it would have been the same if a lot of us had been doing the interview too.  Keep up these artist and author inteviews, all you iFanboys.  They’re great!

  10. so i’m just floating an idea here but isn’t I Kill Giants basically the same thing as Pan’s Labyrinth?

    a young girl deals with the harsh reality of the world by escaping into fantasy which may or may not be real?

  11. Not really.

  12. Great interview, Josh and Paul!

    I have definitely liked quite a bit of Joe Kelly’s stuff down the years but I Kill Giants really felt like him raising the bar to a whole new level (it pretty much instantly became one of my all time favourite comics) and, by the looks of things, his other work is on a really high level right now – even if I’m probably only going to read most of it down the line in trade-form. It also sounds like he’s a really nice guy to boot. 

     Oh and @edward: Yeah, Pan’s Labyrinth and I Kill Giants are two of my favourite works of fiction from the last decade – if not ever – they’re actually pretty different. Both of them deal with young girls and both of them do feature fantasy elements juxtaposed against the harshness of the real world, this is true, but the execution and tones are totally different, as are the main themes that the two deal with. Giants is very much about the girl drawing on the fantasy world to deal with the harshness of what is going on in her life, Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t really about escapism at all. I think they have enough in common to bare comparisons but they’re both superb – and individual enough – in their own right to stand up as two of this decades great works of art.  

  13. i’m still waiting on the trade at my store so i can’t comment of execution but they sound very similar

  14. Fair enough and, sure, they do sound similar. They are far more different than you might think though.

  15. Joe Kelly is so talented, one of the best right now. He keeps getting better with every project.

  16. Can anyone share the basics of Action #775?  Kelly seemed really proud of that, I’m intrigued, what’s the story?  Is it a stand-alone?  Any info appreciated!

    I Kill Giants is one of the best comics I’ve read ever.   I put it up there with Maus, Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, and Nancy.  OK, just kidding about Nancy.

  17. Action 775 was about Superman fighting chracters very similar to The Authority. Superman defeated the brutal group in a humane way. It was basically a statement about the morality of modern hero/anti-heroes versus the classic dorky ideals 1930’s heroes

  18. This was a great interview. Joe Kelly was very interesting and open. I was going to order I Kill Giants, but now that I know there is a hardcover coming, I think I will wait for that. Can’t wait to read it though!

  19. @Josh – Sorry for the late reply. It seems to have fixed itself now, but what I meant was, when I went to the podcast feed from the frontpage, this ‘cast wasn’t showing up in the list, at all. I could access it from a direct link, but I couldn’t get to this page otherwise.

    Just listening now. Great job so far guys.

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