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Talksplode #1 with Jay Faerber of ‘Noble Causes’ and ‘Dynamo5’

Show Notes

Ron Richards sat down for a chat with Jay Faerber, writer of Noble Causes, Dynamo5, and Gemini to discuss the end of Noble Causes, the success of Dynamo5, and the pros and cons of doing creator owned work for Image Comics. You can check out his Top Cow Pilot Season Book, Urban Myths and don’t forget to vote for it at the Top Cow Blog.

Running Time: 01:06:16

“Five Corporations”


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  1. I just wanted to say, you guys always pick the best music for the audio shows.

    Good show and a welcome addition to my Thursdays.

  2. i really liked Urban Myths. it has my vote no worries.

    I love how i get even more iFanboy goodness now!!

  3. Ooooo…  New audio content!  Great interview Ron.  Thanks Jay.

     Can iFanboy’s talksplode be taken out of the box?  I don’t think it always has to be interviews with creators.  What about Ron Richards vs Jim Mroczkowski:  Top five favorite and least favorite X-Men moments (the Dark Phoenix memorial list)?  You might not think so, but I would listen to two huge X-nerds ramble on about their favorite children of the atom for 45-60 minutes.  However arguments over "the worst of times" might be where the most entertaining content lies. 

    Keep in mind these stories survive becuase of the infinite conversations between fans, not on their own merit.  The Great Gatsby is a great book because people enjoy reading it AND talking about it.  If it was just a great book that no one likes to read (Ulysses I’m looking at you) then it kinda drifts away from the zeitgeist (sorry I just like to use that word when ever I can).

    Along these same lines I would like to have Ron and Josh finish their converstaion about Thunderbolts.  I haven’t read it and they made it sound like fun.  But I would like to hear more. 

  4. Great interview.  It’s sad to hear that Noble Causes will be ending soon, I’ve been slowly following the series through trades and had liked the appeal of the book.

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