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Special Edition – Wonder Woman 1984

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We close out the year, again, by taking a look at Wonder Woman 1984, the highly anticipated sequel to the the 2017 smash-hit starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Conor Kilpatrick welcomes special guests Ron Richards and Ryan Haupt to break it all down.

(Disclaimer: Ron Richard’s opinions are his own and do not represent Marvel Entertainment or the Walt Disney Corporation.)

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“Winter Wonderland
Willie Nelson


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  1. We all over celebrated the original WW movie.
    1. Female superhero representation finally.
    2. Just for not sucking like most of the DC fare at the time.
    3. Gal Godot was great.
    It wasn’t super well executed and the end boss battle looked like a 2005 video game.

    84 is downright bad- problematic and supports violations of consent.
    Co-written and directed by a female director makes it even more frustrating.
    And also just above all being super guilty of misusing established characters that already work in proven ways and changing them into something that was bland an unappealing. To ignore proven technology from your research lab of Comics is just a continual idiotic studio mistake that could kill the whole DCU if it continues and even more alarmingly it sounds lately like ATT doesn’t give a f*ck about the comics and believes they can create these stories without the comics.
    They have proven they can not.
    A magic genie?!
    So many unnecessary changes and offensive and socially disturbing choices.
    This was an inexcusably bad movie.
    2 1/2 hours and like 30 mins of actual WW.
    As far as watching at home or in a theatre if a movie is good you will stay and watch if it isn’t you get up and take bathroom breaks at the theatre too.
    If a male director had made this movie in which a woman’s life and body were co-opted without their knowledge or say so and used for sex this movie would be shut down right now.
    That’s not just “weird” it’s wrong we have to see this for what it is. You want to go darker and have WW deal with her choice to do something like that? Sure- not every movie has to or should have characters that are pillars of morality, but Woner Woman doing something this wrong?
    There should be more talk about this.
    Of course some studio- editing choices are beyond a directors control but as co-writer and director this is what Patty Jenkins delivered?
    And Ryan is correct about the Trump allegory while this Maxwell Lord is designed around the 80’s businessman Jenkins is on record as saying it was important for her to work through some current things happening in the county- So…

  2. As a martial arts movie fan I see a huge missed opportunity here. Wonder Woman usually uses sword and shield in the comics and her fight scenes could be the most impressive and spectacular of the trinity. Instead, the prehensile lariat does all the work (even some mjolnir-style flight).

    If Max Lord were kept as a psychic, that would be an easy way to explain Barbara’s turn from best friend to rival and the lasso is the natural way for Diana to break that hold. It’s weird to see Geoff Johns reinventing the wheel with these characters.

  3. Hey, Ryan. You made an offhand comment that “nostalgia is a toxic impulse.” Just wondering, is this a science-backed idea or just a personal sentiment of yours? Thanks.

  4. As far as sequels go, it met my lowered expectations. How was it? About 2 1/2 hours.
    The theatrical viewing of this film would have been interesting, both for the cheering moments and the heckles.

    As a franchise, I’m afraid they made the mistake of many superhero sequels, doubling the villain count. Yes, you can have more than one villain in a film but to introduce and end their story in the same movie leads to bloat.

    Having said that I like the idea that Wonder Woman exists in these different times. Perhaps the next movie will be to set it far into the future.

  5. Didn’t watch because, as a toddler parent with no time,, I realized if I just asked for an extra 45 minutes I could finally watch an “epically long” movie by one of the 3 greatest living filmmakers. Been liking the Irishman more the more I thought about it, heard WW84 has the opposite effect.

    Without seeing it, just from the stills I’m with Ryan: with Max Lord’s hair, costume, make-up I thought “wow that is a really heavy-handed, super on-the-nose”. That hair is the iconographic equivalent of Gordon Gecko’s suspenders. Perusing reviews seems like the critical consensus is with Ryan

  6. Wow, just realized there was another Marvel/DC crossover I had missed. https://youtu.be/WVf1mYroqoM

  7. I don’t really mind the Linda Carter inclusion – DC doesn’t have a Stan Lee to cameo in all the movies, but they have a bigger bench of non-comics media celebrities from previous outings to use (see the “Crisis” crossover in the Arrowverse, along with other castings in “Flash” and “Supergirl”). Besides, if you had to put up with Howard Cossell’s creepy commentating on your practicing stunt jumps on a trampoline, then you’d know the world owes you a “girl power” moment.

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