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Special Edition – Thor: Ragnarok

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For the third chapter in the saga of The God of Thunder, Marvel Studios hands the directing reins to Taika Waititi who makes a sharp left turn into Guardians of the Galaxy territory. Did it work? Opinions differ as Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Mike Romo discuss Thor: Ragnarok!

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“Grandmaster Jam Session”
Mark Mothersbaugh


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  1. Beta Ray Bill was one of the heads on the tower as a former champion. That was the Easter egg and originally he was supposed to be in the movie as a cameo, but Kevin Feige said it wasn’t worth doing in a very small role so they will do it right later when featuring that character.

  2. I re-listened to the Doctor Strange review and Mike seems to be a hypocrite saying how he thought it was so boring while talking about how much he liked it in that review.

    • Opinions can change the further away you get from something. Listen to our MAN OF STEEL review for an example of that.

      Also, Mike is (getting) old and may not remember what he thought before, which in itself could be a testament to the lasting impact, or lack there of, of the film.

    • Opinions don’t usually change that drastically in a year where you go from recommending it whole-heartedly to people to saying you are ambivalent about it and found it so boring. I’m not arguing the quality of the movie where I thought it was fine, but not memorable. It’s one thing to say you don’t like something as much as you thought originally, but to go so far the other way in a year doesn’t typically occur.

    • Our opinions on MAN OF STEEL changed after about three days. It happens.

    • I think Vacur005 point might be that maybe they shouldn’t change that much for a review podcast.
      More over maybe some time should be given before the various Trusts record.
      Because Conor is right opinions here can and do change drastically.
      Usually the first day or so after the intial screening there is glowing even gushing reviews that seem pretty biased to the initial experience rather than a critiques as a whole.

  3. This was a pretty damn good movie.A bit too “jokey” at times to a point where I wanted to say okay guys that’s enough but overall fun from start to finish.The movie was very funky and weird at times but you can see all the 1970’s inspired Jacky Kirby themes in this movie.The only downside of the film was the “hippy” Grandmaster. His character was a little eye-rolling for me.

  4. My biggest issue with this movie is that we are now robbed of what could have been Two amazing films.
    An impactful Raganarok and a truly kick ass Planet Hulk movie.
    Both stories are examples of some of the best comics either title has had and we sacrificed those pure stories to get Lethal Weapon in space.

    Why do studios seem to believe that no single story can be brought to the screen, that an adaptation Has to be a mashup of several story lines with multiple villains in order to work?!

  5. Calling this an “Annual” issue is as accurate a description as I’ve heard. Not just because of the mash-up of characters but because there are whole sections of the movie that feel like they are different stories by different creative teams.

    But like the best annuals it all comes together and I felt like the end with Thor sitting on the throne he rejected at the very beginning of the first movie to show how far the character has come. Overall I enjoyed the movie even though it did focus at times on a character laying in a one liner instead of highlighting any dramatic tension.

    I’ve also read a lot that a lot of people found this to be the funniest Marvel movie which I disagree with. Spider-Man homecoming had me dying laughing at some points and unlike Thor the humor felt natural as the character is meant to embrace humor.

  6. I also agree that this felt like a `Giant-Size` or Annual…in all the good ways.

    I really loved this movie. Hulk works best as a secondary character imho and I thought he was perfect here. I loved when Thor and Hulk were just hanging out together.

    And I thought the ending was unusual…you mean, the heroes DIDNT stop ragnarok? You don’t see that very often where the evil prophecy is basically fulfilled to the letter.

    My theatre loved every second of Jeff Goldblum too. Again, Marvel movies has these interesting off-beat characters, where DC would have had some menacing and malevolent Grandmaster. So much more fun.

    What a great weekend, I saw Star Wars Rogue One for the first time too…I liked that both movies went against the grain (in opposite directions btw!) and were better for it.

    If I had to make one nerd complaint, it would be Dr. Strange`s easy domination of Loki.

  7. The first “Thor” is tied with “CA: The Winter Soldier” as my favorite films of Marvel’s modern era, and they’re among my favorite superhero films, period. That being said…

    …this second sequel in my beloved Thor franchise was made for six year olds (and their burned out parents, I guess). TOO. MUCH. COMEDY. I have never craved a dark and violent DC movie more than I did right after leaving “Thor: Ragnarahahaha!” Every single powerful character here – good guy or bad guy – was immediately and continually de-clawed with humor so as not to make little kids in the audience nervous. I’m not a little kid and I don’t have little kids, so this was a waste of money for me. I rarely felt like my heroes were in jeopardy, they were having way too much jokey fun. I half-expected a scene of Thor and Hulk sitting on a couch talking to the camera, a la “The Office” – but really, much of this movie played like a stretched out “Saturday Night Live” sketch to me. Please, Disney/Marvel: I appreciate you trying new things with the genre, but… please, please, please return to what made the older Marvel films so powerful.

    HOWEVER – I did love the delicious Kirby-esque production design, and Hemsworth and Hiddleston still have magical chemistry in their scenes together.

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