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Special Edition – The Tick

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By popular demand! The newly formed Amazon Brain Trust of Conor Kilpatrick, Ryan Haupt and Ron Richards (with a cameo from Josh Flanagan) gather to talk about the puzzling hero THE TICK, who appears in a new Amazon series.

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“Tick Tock”


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  1. I like how the first 5 minutes of the ep were just talking about Tick history and also Josh was there.

    For the record, I loved the Tick cartoon, own the original Edlund comics in trade form, own the book detailing the plots of the cartoon, own the trading cards of the cartoon, saw maybe an episode of the 2001 reboot, and still haven’t seen this reboot.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to eventually watching this show.

  2. I was listening to this episode this morning and it was fun as usual, but I was kind of shocked that none of you seemed very familiar with the Tick comic from the late 80s. Around that time I was completely into X-men, Spider-Man and Batman. By then, TMNT had exploded and it caused a nice little push for cool indie comics as well. Now remember there was no internet but we had Comics Scene Magazine and one issue featured a short article on Ben Edlund’s The Tick. The few panels reprinted there were funny and beautifully drawn. So I went to my local shop and found what I could of the Tick. It was catching on and #1 was in its third printing. My friend and I were hardcore fans but the Tick suffered from no schedule at all. I think Ben Edlund wrote and drew about a dozen issues between 1989 and 1992ish? Then he had other creators making Secondary Tick books which weren’t as good while he was working on the ’94 cartoon. So the Tick did become a silly popular thing for a while, I even remember odd Tick Toys at Taco Bell, but anything that wasn’t the original comic, written and drawn by Edlund, paled in comparison. I highly recommend you guys read the original 11 (maybe 12) issues of the Tick. It’s brilliant, funny and ahead of its time. It was also fun to read since it was Black and White and oversized. I was about 14 when it came out and it was everything I could hope for in an occasional alternative to Wolverine and Batman.

    I HIGHLY recommend you guys check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on ESPECIALLY the Tick’s opening and first few issues. Comic book gold. Thanks for listening.

  3. I feel like The Tick is a very “Jr. High” thing. In Jr. High, you’re first starting to become aware of “society”. You’re starting to understand that people are weird and that society is weird. So the idea of this very familiar thing, superheroes, poking fun at “society” is very appealing and very funny.

    The problem is, I think, like most groundbreaking art, everything is “The Tick” now. Every movie that comes out now has jokes about how superheroes are weird, quirky normal people. I don’t know if there’s room for The Tick anymore. I feel like most of the stuff that seemed novel in the 90s is pretty wrote now.

    (I only ever really saw the Cartoon. I never read the comics, although I’m aware of them.)

  4. Please tell me that the iFanboy Amazon Brain Trust is always going to include a near-mute Josh sitting in the corner!

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