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Special Edition – Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract! Plus a look ahead to Batman and Harley Quinn!

Running Time: 00:38:40

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“Breaking the Law”
Judas Priest


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  1. I think the comments, lack of, speak to Ryan being right about this one.
    It was boring.
    I could barely finish it.
    Yes, there were moments and the animation was well done.
    But the trope and cliché of relationship talk during a battle and Terra’s over the top tough girl/whining was a bit much.

    I think there should be an iFanboy rule for any kind of movie- there must be a minimum of one day to reflect before giving an opinion/analysis.

    I can’t imagine this one fairing that well as time passes.

    • I’m always way late when it comes to seeing these DCAnimated movies. I just watched this one last night – then listened to the iFanboy podcast, of course – and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! I recognized the changes made from the comic, and why (which I was fine with), and for the story as told in this new version, I thought they did a great job.

      The biggest change was how this movie made Terra more sympathetic. As mentioned in the podcast, Comic Book Terra played out over months, versus the brief time we see Movie Terra, so the former’s betrayal was much more stinging. And this movie gave Terra more everyday moments when it was clear she felt for the team despite her dark intentions; that goofy surprise party montage alone, with those candid pics of Terra enjoying herself… that really moved me :.( In the finale, Movie Terra even makes the conscious sacrifice to commit suicide to wipe out the bad guys (and clearly holds on long enough to die in her almost-lover’s arms). Whereas Comic Book Terra was a fucking little psychopath who only died because she went into such a crazy rage that her powers brought a cave-in down on her.

      On that nasty note, I will admit that I also enjoyed this movie because I don’t like Damian and it was great seeing Deathstroke and Terra beat the snot out of that annoying aberration of modern continuity

  2. Or the lack of comments is due to the braintrust saying everything that needed to be said. 🙂 And since everything was mostly positive, I have to agree. I had fun watching this movie, whereas some of the other DC animated offerings were much more hit or miss.

    I really enjoyed the balance between all the characters– no one got short shrifted, which was implicitly mentioned at least. If anything, the narrative through-line could have been emphasized with a singular point-of-view character, but that would certainly have lost that balance that makes this truly an ensemble film. The running time was noticed as long, and if it’s true, then maybe that’s a contributing factor to letting things breathe.

    The one thing I was really hoping would get a mention was the distinct lack of Dick Grayson’s neck chain, and I was both happy it was gone and sad that I couldn’t laugh at it anymore.

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