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Special Edition – T2 Trainspotting

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Two aging hipsters put the comic books aside to come to terms with the past twenty years in the shape of this sequel about Scottish heroin junkies.  Who says you can’t go home again? Choose podcasting. Choose editing audio with open source software that makes everything slightly harder but you sleep better at night because you supporting grassroots software. Choose Life.

Running Time: 00:35:23


“Slow Slippy”


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  1. It’s a wonderful film.

    I was planning to watch the original again before going but didn’t get around to it. And I am so glad I didn’t. For a film about memory to be filtered through my 20 year old memory in that way made for an either more marvellous experience. Nostalgia but updated, memory vs experience it really is the best film I’ll see all year. If I see a better one I’ll be doing well.

  2. Oh and neither this or the original was subtitled in the UK. It was only ever added for the Us market I’m afraid.

  3. Well, this podcast was quite the lovely surprise. Much like the film itself. I still don’t understand the negative reviews it got – I thought it was pretty terrific.

    And, yeah, no subtitles here in South Africa either.

  4. Like Pompster, I also wanted to rewatch the original / didn’t get around to it / am thrilled I didn’t – the nostalgia theme of this sequel worked better for me that way, too. And like all you guys, I thoroughly enjoyed this film! Danny Boyle is a hell of a director to have pulled this off, making magic the first time and now a different kind of magic twenty years later. And as if I wasn’t kvelling in the theater enough? How about that awesome “Blade Runner” end sequence of Begbie stalking Renton up into that building?! The head through the wall, the chase to the rooftop, our villain watching our hero dangling for his life… but Begbie’s no Batty, he’ll never learn to revere human life (though it was sweet seeing him express support for his son). And on top of it all, that music… that blessed 1996 soundtrack which seduced me as much as the movie did way back when… as much as any film soundtrack has ever seduced me… and Boyle knew exactly how to use it to its best effect here. Damn. I had no idea this movie was coming for me. But I am so grateful for it!

  5. Do you really think you are old?
    I mean- Really?

  6. Loved the movie. Edinburgh (my hometown) seemed like much more of a character in this one – lots of the original was shot in Glasgow. I didn’t realize it had just received a wider release stateside, I’ll be going to see it again locally after having to drive over an hour to Chicago last month!

    I loved the podcast guys, I’d be happy for you to do more of these.

  7. They recorded this without Conner. First the opportunity, then the betrayal.

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