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Special Edition – Superman: Man of Tomorrow

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie… Superman: Man of Tomorrow! Plus a look ahead to the FIVE new releases coming out in the next year!

Running Time: 00:24:35


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  1. I had to adjust the playback to something like 1.18x speed to make it feel watchable. At that point, tho, I did enjoy, probably to Conor levels. One of the best elements is that Superman felt “hopeful” and inspiring in a way he hasn’t for a while. I would rather that be the first exmaple of a hero in this post DCAU world, rather than Batman as it’s implied.

    I wonder if the new JSA film is inspired the success of Stargirl?

  2. I definitely enjoyed the art style.
    What a welcome relief from the Vaseline on the lens exported anime house style of past films.
    I disagree that it felt cheaper to me it felt bolder and brighter and more individual.
    I really enjoyed the first half as well, however it did seem to lose it’s way and felt like it went on a bit too long.
    Direction and editing were the kryptonite of this film.
    Still- it was a Much better swing for a movie in this line than has happened in a while.

    • I should also say that I haven’t been as pleased with the voice direction since and Anrdrea Romano production.
      Actual voice direction and cohesiveness of recording has almost seemed like a forgotten component of recent movies.

    • It was definitely more unique, but it still looked cheap to me. Something like the show, Primal, stands out more and at least it was different.

    • Primal is awesome! I enjoyed Man of Tomorrow. I liked the animation. A little tired of the origin adding lobo and manhunter was a fun idea. Parasites story was pretty tragic.

  3. I was not a fan of this movie overall where I liked it at first, but then it just felt way too long which should not happen for a movie under 90 minutes. I liked that they took a chance on the art style, but it seemed cheap to me and I really didn’t like this version of Lois. Parasite looking like the Godzilla from the Matthew Broderick movie wasn’t great either. There was a good set up with that character’s family which wasn’t executed well in the film. I’m not looking forward to Batman: Soul or the Dragon and just hope they don’t screw up The Long Halloween with that two parter. I am looking forward to Death in the Family because of the choose your own adventure aspect and Brandon Vietti is the director like he was with Under the Red Hood even if he didn’t write that film. I tend to like his work with Young Justice.

  4. Too much action. That is often the problem with these animated films. It’s like there’s some unspoken quota of how much of an individual film has to be superheroes punching things even at the cost of story or characterization. Obviously, that’s not the case with stuff like All Star Superman or Red Son but more often than not it seems to be the case. But then, sometimes it feels that way with the comics too.

    Which is a pity because there was so much to like in the first half of the film. The animation may be so-so but I really liked the character designs after that awful bulky manga thing they had going for all those years. Great character stuff too.

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