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Special Edition – Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay

Show Notes

The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Universe (Animated Original) Movie–Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay!

Running Time: 00:35:08


“The Devil Never Sleeps”
Iron and Wine


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  1. Great podcast.

    I really liked the film and am very excited for the ninja one.

    The second I had finished watching it, I was like “ I hope the braintrust like it”

    As for the song at the start, do you choose them? and if you do great pick

    Thanks again Ben

  2. I had so much fun with this movie. And I can’t believe it, because even though I pulled a Haupt and liked “Assault On Arkham,” I do still have a real sour taste in my mouth from the “Suicide Squad” live action film. But this is the concept at its best. Hooray for writer Burnett, if this is indeed his swan song. And hooray for the director(s), because everything else about this worked like gangbusters for me. But especially the craziness of it – from the awesome “Get Out Of Hell Free” card macguffin, to the story’s bravery for killing off big characters, to this nutty beefcake stripper Dr. Fate… (I’d seriously love a whole movie about him and/or a DC Comic title!) I mean, Jewelee and Count Vertigo as secret lovers?? – who are immediately executed?? LOL This movie had me at hello

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