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Special Edition – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ryan Haupt gather like a bunch of far-flung Spider-People to discuss the film debuts of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, and more in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

Running Time: 00:35:24

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  1. I looked up the Peni Parker character. I DO remember her now, she was in a robot suit in a more realistic style of manga, based VERY heavily on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unless there are further versions they just switched her style of manga for this film and dropped all the Eva-references. I think that the radiated spider lives in the SP//DR suit and whoever it bites is then connected to the robot, and her father was the prior pilot.

    I don’t believe we saw EITHER primary Peter Parker in this film. Teenage Ultimate Peter was absent and replaced with the “perfect” / idealized Parker (with shades of Batman and Iron Man thrown in) and the Peter I expected to be “OUR” Peter seems like a new character… but I have a theory! I believe in future episodes they will be able to show that he has remarried Mary Jane and they have grown old together, with Mayday Parker being a viable crossover character. He’s Mayday’s dad, the Peter of Earth X and MC2, since Marvel has left the MC2 “future” in the dust and “OUR” Peter isn’t the father of any kids anymore.

    Gwen was super cute and interesting. Spider-Ham was not too heavy but he was pushing it, Noir was actually funny which I didn’t expect. Yeah, they made a terrifying Prowler and he scared me a little a few times, this is like, peak Prowler.

  2. I liked this even more than you guys – Ryan aside, perhaps. Really interesting discussion but it made me realize just how few, if any, reservations I have about this film. I already thought 2018 was a top-notch year for superhero movies but I truly feel that this is probably the best of them. Yup, better even than Infinity War, which blew me away. I thought the pacing was pretty spot on – and I do think it did slow down just enough for those more emotional moments – and I don’t think the extra Spider characters did anything to take away from Miles, who was always the centre of attention, but just solidified the overall theme that anyone (or, really, any outsider) could be Spider-man. Plus, they were funny as hell and, as someone who is a John Mulaney super-fan, I couldn’t get enough of his Spider-ham.

    This is a pure 5-star film for me and one of my very favourite films of the year.

  3. YES. Pretty much an echo on all points. Although a hard disagree on Nick Cage’s voice. That took me straight out of the experience.

    As someone who read the Spider-Verse event, I recognize the Peni as SP//DR.
    I also noted the pointed way Peter B Parker (“Hobo Spider-Man”?) was so resonant with the adults in the audience. It was weird to experience both identifying with Miles and with Peter B, and how it was Miles (the younger generation) giving redemption for the older. That was quite a meta way to experience the film.

    I must say this film is really one of the best and will definitely be among my top 5 comicbook films.

  4. I just listened to this and wanted to echo what’s said above: I did not feel like any character was meant to represent the 616 Spiderman. Peter B. Parker, in addition to being an older, broken down Peter, also appeared to be Jewish, or Mary Jane was, based on the brief, wedding flashback. Also this felt like the perfect, comic book movie the me. I’m surprised it didn’t resonate as much with you all. But a fun episode to listen to. Keep em coming.

  5. stingpin (@deconcomics) says:

    In answer to Josh’s question, Prowler faaaar precedes Spawn — first appeared in 1969, Amazing Spider-man 78!

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