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Is the third time the charm for everyone’s favorite wall-crawling webslinger? That’s what Sony hopes as they finally gave in and allowed Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man home to the Marvel (Cinematic) Universe in the aptly named Spider-Man: Homecoming! Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick investigate.

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  1. Yep, loved this movie. Holland is the best Spider-man and the movie itself is at least right there with the 2nd Raimi film.

  2. Was anyone else wondering who are in the current line up of avengers when they were mentioned? After civil war, Is it just vision and maybe widow?

  3. It’s not a deal breaker for me or anything, but no mention of a Spidey senses?

    I loved the movie. Best Spider-Movie by far and top-5 Marvel movie in my opinion.

    It has to be said that MiddleTown High School really needs to work on their security protocols.

  4. I thought it was really good, but not great where it’s easily the best one since Spider-Man 2. However, it’s not close to the quality of that movie and wastes certain characters who are just there as comic references. I rewatched the Raimi trilogy before seeing this movie where the first one is still pretty good, but doesn’t hold up as well. Spider-Man 2 is just a great movie. I also have been rewatching Spectacular Spider-Man which was a great show and shows how much better that show is with adapting Spider-Man lore compared to Homecoming. Betty Brant did not need to be in the film where she should not be in high school since she should be older than Peter and Liz was not fleshed out enough. Liz ends up with Harry Osborn in the comics and Peter dated her first. Ned is also a horrible person who becomes Hobgoblin and treats Betty Brant really badly so making him the best friend when he’s essentially Ganke is pretty stupid since he’s not becoming Hobgoblin in the future. I don’t understand why Betty was put in high school since she works at the Daily Bugle and Peter has a crush on her as a teenager in high school. It’s just a waste. There’s also a really big continuity screw up to start the movie saying Homecoming is 8 years after Avengers 1 when it’s only 4 years later and that was jarring.

    There was one reveal about the Vulture that legitimately surprised me towards the end otherwise the second trailer showed all of the big action scenes. It was fairly predictable as a movie other than that one reveal and then one moment as a call back to issue 33 towards the end which was impactful. That ferry scene was not suspenseful at all with the trailer showing Iron Man saving them and is no where near as good as the train sequence in Spider-Man 2 or the brutal end fight at the end of Spider-Man 1. There is also no spider-sense used which is odd and Feige tried to retcon that already in an interview saying it’s there, but he constantly got snuck up on with the Shocker and Vulture.

    This movie did confirm for me that Marissa Tomei was a horrible casting choice for Aunt May with all the jokes and references as being “hot.” It’s pretty ridiculous honestly. I really didn’t like the final scene with Aunt May finding out since that should not happen so early. I just hope it ends up where Peter plays it off as a present from Tony to wear for Halloween since that would be about a month after Homecoming. A very odd thing is that it’s called Homecoming where we get the dance, but there’s no game or football team mentioned. That made no sense since we see the mascot and Homecoming always take place in September. If it’s two months after Civil War like it says, then Civil War takes place in July and Peter said he had homework which doesn’t make sense unless this school never lets out. I still can’t believe that we are not going to get the line, “Face it tiger, you hit the jackpot.” What a big screw up and it is such an iconic moment and line, but it’s Marvel so it’s not surprising to screw up not putting in a great line along with, “Ultron, we would have words with thee.” Marvel doesn’t put the most care into this movie with adapting most of the characters. Flash was not a convincing bully and that was also bad casting even with him being such a good actor in other movies. Tom Holland crushed it and Michael Keaton was really good, but I didn’t love the movie like I wanted to. I would say 7.5/10 or 3.75/5.

    I would probably say it’s possibly only better than GOTG Vol. 2 out of the super hero films this year since Wonder Woman’s No Man’s Land sequence and beginning are better than most of this film where I wanted to instantly re-watch it, but Homecoming is just a really good, fun movie with nothing too memorable other than the rubble scene and the reveal with the car ride. Spider-Man 2 is just a such better movie compared to this along with the Spectacular Spider-Man show so it’s definitely an overhyped movie and I strongly disagree with this movie being top 5 in the MCU. I would take Avengers 1, Winter Soldier, Civil War, GOTG Vol. 1, and Iron Man 1 easily over Homecoming. There are a few others I would probably take over Homecoming too where it felt like a mid-tier MCU film, not a great one.

    • Far too many nit picks. Lighten up.

    • I said it’s a really good, not great movie where it’s not as good as Spider-Man 2. I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and doing such a poor job of portraying so many supporting characters was very disappointing. That doesn’t make the movie bad, but I’m not going to ignore it. It’s not as bad as Jimmy Olsen just getting unceremoniously killed in BVS since there’s too many characters according to Snyder, but it wasn’t good. The movie tries to trick people into believing it is for hardcore Spider-Man fans with the references and Easter eggs, but it really isn’t with all of the changes. Tom Holland was still great along with Michael Keaton being really good. Then the friend playing Ned (Ganke) was really good too. I’m just happy Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige confirmed in an interview that Michelle was not Mary Jane Watson with “MJ” just being initials they wanted to use as a cool tease. I am thankful for that.

      I’ve seen it twice now and there was another continuity screw up I noticed which was the date of the decathlon. A banner in the beginning says October 12th-15th. Then about 15 minutes later, another one says September 14th. That’s really bad especially because it is Nationals which they say so it doesn’t make sense to have two different dates. They could not keep things straight with this movie where it’s sloppily done.

  5. I agree with everything you guys said. Holland nailed this. Just a really fun movie. Is it perfect? Maybe not but it doesn’t need to be. Of note, there was a character breakdown in the last issue of EW (with Homecoming on the cover) and Liz is referred to as Liz Allen.

  6. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Delivers $117M Opening Domestically, Over $250M Worldwide’

    If they weren’t already, Sony must now be very sure that making that deal with Marvel was the right thing to do. There’s no way they are not happy about these results.


  7. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this. The comedy was to much like oh Spiderman fell down. Haha. I could go over all I didn’t like, and I know I’m totally in the 15% of people who didn’t like it. At the end of the day it just comes down to this movie isn’t for me. I do think it’s a great Spider-Man movie for kids and to reintroduce Spiderman to a new audience/generation. So instead of the negative thoughts on had on this movie, here are the things I liked. Micheal Keaton was amazing! I loved the scene with Peter, Liz and Dad driving to the prom. I really enjoyed the Melissa character?? MJ. The comedy I really enjoyed was when Peter entered the prom and MJ flipped him off. Now that was funny!!! Glad so many people enjoyed it, just wasn’t for me.

  8. It hit me out of nowhere today: “Hey. Why isn’t Spider-Man having any trouble with William Hurt? Everybody seemed pret-ty mad about this sort of thing last time I saw them. Did he jail half the guys and say, ‘I think I proved my point’? What about when the Washington Monument blew up?”

    I had no one to tell, so I’m telling you.

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