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Special Edition – Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery are back and this time they’re flying high all over Europe with Spider-Man: Far From Home! Listen to them try (and mostly fail) to figure out the ins and outs and ramifications of “The Blip,” and, since they both missed that show, they also briefly discuss Avengers: Endgame!

Running Time: 00:46:30

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  1. the reason the one kid was 5 years older was because he DID NOT blip

    anyone that blipped, came back the same age which is why they aren’t old enough to drink, despite their birth year.

    this movie takes place 2023

    • That makes more sense.

    • It still doesn’t make sense that Brad was on the trip with them. He aged five years, which means he didn’t “blip” which means he should have been done with high school in 2023. The only thing that would make sense would be if Brad were and 8th grader or younger before the blip and is now a junior or senior. But if he was that young pre-blip, why would these high school kids have even know who he was?

  2. Couldn’t agree more about the level of unbridled fun that this movie was. That end was a resulting gut punch.

  3. Seems like there was some confusion for Corner and Paul on The Blip. People who were blipped didn’t age that’s why most of Peter’s friends are the same age. People you stayed on Earth aged normally in the five years

  4. I enjoyed this one, and it a was a relief to have a relatively low-stakes Marvel film on the roster after the Infinity Exhaustion. It was fun but it didn’t feel all that different from Homecoming in some ways.


    1. Villain jilted by Tony Stark and then stealing his tech. Check.
    2. School trip. Check.
    3. Stark-tech Spider-suit. Check

    Can we just get Peter back in Brooklyn in his old-fashioned, not Stark-Tech costume for awhile? Also, I really liked the idea of an Alt-Earth Mysterio. I think the audience could have handled that as a thing, the alternative was a bit of a let down. That costume though? Fantastic. Loved the smokey fishbowl. I did appreciate the whole illusion/fake news motif that ran through the film. Marvel has a long history of having their finger on the pulse of current events so I appreciated it and it gave that post-credits sequence some weight. Last nitpick, the Skrulls sounded a bit muffled, like they were talking though rubber suits. Maybe it was the sound quality in my theatre. Did anyone else notice?

    Oh hey, there was a passing reference to a surfboard in there somewhere, I can’t recall the exact line. Foreshadowing the Silver Surfer? 😀

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