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Special Edition – Reign of the Supermen

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie… Reign of the Supermen! Also, a look ahead to Justice League vs. The Fatal Five and Batman: Hush!

Running Time: 00:32:43


“It’s Raining Men”
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  1. Both films in this series were pretty good. I do miss the variation in models to match the books from the older animated movies. I wish they would advertise these things more to get better sales.

  2. I loved everything about this movie! After being extremely impressed with “The Death of Superman,” I was worried this 2nd part would not live up to its set-up, but wow. Great animation, great writing, great voice acting – and once again, a seductively mute Hawkman lol – all of this is exactly what I want from DC!

    I don’t get Paul’s and Ryan’s sourness about Superman and all these recent DC projects. The jokes fell flat? Could not disagree more. I watched this two days ago with a friend, we are still laughing over Eradicator’s random line re:sexual activity LOL. And all the Diana/Lois lightness was funny too, as were Superboy’s scenes, and Flash/Green Lantern’s too! I also don’t agree with the comment about the 2nd half of this dragging, I felt the exact opposite. Was so enjoying the four stories of the these four Supermen pretenders, that when the plot thickened and brought back Clark, too – and amped the Darkseid threat – AND launched the f–king JLA satellite into space?? This was outstanding. More please.

    (And did anyone else get the Flash Gordon vibe from low-powered Clark in his rocket crashing into Ming-I-mean-Henshaw?)

    These two movies so skillfully improved upon their source material, just like “Batman: Under the Red Hood” did. I bet even the recent haters of the “Hush” storyline will find DC Animation hitting another home run with it. I can’t wait.

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