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Special Edition – Warcraft

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“More work?”
“That’s right! We’re back with another iFanboy Special Edition!”
“What is it?”
“It’s a film based on the wildly popular video game franchise from Blizzard, Warcraft.”
“Right-o. More work?”
“Well, Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards and special guest Mike Romo wouldn’t call it work, exactly. It’s fun to–”
“No one else available…”
“Now, wait a minute.”
“Don’t be mean. Are you going to listen?”
“All right.”

Running Time: 00:33:27


Edwin Starr


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  1. I had never heard this story of the 3 of you playing w/headsets before…it really explains a lot about how the weekly podcast came about, like you say, you had some confidence the 3 of you talking together would work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I liked the movie. It reminded me of movies like Beast Master and Conan the Barbarian from when I was a kid. I did play WoW off and on for about a year, ten or so years ago but haven’t played it since then so while I do know a bit about the lore I didn’t know anything about the characters in this movie. I also thought the orc CGI was great. CGI in recent years, performance capture in particular, is head and shoulders about early CGI and can do so much more than pre-CGI special effects. I do think the movie, storywise, tried to go too big too soon and as result had too many characters whose relationships and motivations were glossed over or not explained at all. That being said it was obvious this was the first chapter in what is supposed to be a series of movies so I give it some leeway. I walked out of the theater satisfied and since it’s doing well overseas I’m excited to see future installments.

  3. Did anybody else catch the music from the first Stormwind exterior shots? It was lifted directly from the Angrathar the Wrath Gate cinematic from Wrath of the Lich King.

    Specifically, listen to the opening 15 seconds or so. I don’t even think it was edited at all, simply remastered in its exact form. Awesome easter egg.


  4. I just seen it over this past weekend. It was ok, not terrible but not great either. The story pacing was an issue and the story itself was just ok. None the less, if you have played the game in the past or currently it’s worth watching once.

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