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Special Edition – Suicide Squad

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With one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the year upon us, and the next chapter in the DC Universe, Conor Kilpatrick mysteriously disappears leaving Ron Richards and Mike Romo to try and make some sense of this… film. Lots of hope and wishes that Harley Quinn, Will Smith and a little bit of Batman Affleck will produce a fun time at the movies. Does it deliver? Listen and find out!

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“You Don’t Own Me”
Lesley Gore


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  1. ‘”You Don’t Me” Leslie Gore

    Good to see the tradition of at least one typo continues.

    It’s a paragraph.

  2. I’m only half way through the podcast so far, but I thought I’d follow up on Mikes point about them making this film to do well in China – while you may be right, you made a good point, it looks like the film might not even be released there:


    So if that was their intention, it fell flat on its face…!

  3. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    If I ran WB, I would scrap all of the upcoming Justice League related movies (except Wonder Woman), and I would make nothing but Jai Courtney Captain Boomerang Movies. Maybe a few Slipknot prequels as well.

  4. I waited forever for this movie. I was so angry I almost keyed my own car. Random nonsense that was so pointless, it was actually insulting. This movie was made for everyone but me, and Im not even a follower of the SS lineage. Hell, I dont even read DC, but at least I had an inkling of the characters from being on the fringe. What a colossal waste of money. How vapid do you have to be to actually place a stuffed unicorn prop in there to rip off a Deadpool joke? What was with the nonstop power anthems, so overpowering that they drowned out the dialog at times? The intro to Katana was unlike anything Ive ever seen. “Meet my girl Katana, she could cut you all in half with one swipe of her blade, best not be on her bad side.” WHAT THE HELL… and Joel Kinneman, you are a solid actor in The Killing. What was with the random Southern twang? Not all SF dudes are from Texas. You had nothing else to draw from other than Lone Survivor and American Sniper? Did anyone even try to act in this film besides Margot? Damnit! David Ayer: You suck. Thanks for taking something with massive potential and selling it out. Someone go get they guy who directed The Crow from the 90s and ask him to make a proper dark comic movie. Im sick of this crap.

  5. I enjoyed it more than BVS, but that is a pretty low bar to meet. I’ve always been more of a DC comics fan and maybe that’s my problem. I already feel like I know these characters (and their multiple iterations through restarts and elseworlds tales) that it is such a disappointment to see the way they have been portrayed in the Snyderverse.

    I disagree with Mike about the first act. I liked the quick origin stories as they got the team together. It was the only part that had some style and made me like the characters at first. But act’s two and three were bad mod’s of Call of Duty. I too got really sick of the uninspired gun battles really quickly.

    I actually had hope that all the talk of re-shoots were to inject some fun into the movie after the reaction to BVS but it still turned out to be a complete mess. It was the exact opposite feeling of Civil War where I came out of that movie and immediately wanted to see it again.

  6. Oh I forgot one more thing. DC and WB need to freaking get over Frank Millar. Yes, 10 years ago a couple of movies based on his books (Sin City & 300) were WB’s only non-Batman hits. And you cannot deny the impact Dark Knight Returns had on Batman and comic books in the 80’s. But I haven’t been a fan of his since I was 16 and in 2016 his work feels so dated and violent for the sake of violence.

    Basing the movie universe on DKR and his extreme interpretations of the characters is one of the hardest things to watch about these movies. Right down to the visual look of Jared Leto’s Joker.

    Whereas the CW series capture the fun and spirit of the comic books from more recent writers like Goff Johns, Gail Simone, Kevin Smith, Mark Waid and so many others that have transitioned these characters into the 21st century – and are therefore not so depressing you want to cut yourself.

  7. I’m with you guys, although I wasn’t quite on the edge of an apoplectic fit as Mike was. 🙂

    Also, just want to point out that “MacGuffin” and “Deus ex machina”, are different things.

    MacGuffin – an object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot.

    Deus ex machina – an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel

  8. I have to believe that the final cut of this movie was a result of studio meddling. David Ayer didn’t forget how to write and direct between Fury and now. The script may have been rushed or something, but clues point to somewhere along Warners did an about-face with this movie when it was too late. Also I’m not surprised that the CGI disaster was so boring and awful. I don’t think Ayer has touched a CGI in his life.

    • webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

      To be fair, Ayer also directed Sabotage, which came out the same year as Fury, and was poorly received. I think the biggest problem here is the rushed production. I’m sure that if Ayer had time to write a proper script and make a movie without too much studio meddling, we could have gotten something pretty neat.

  9. I love the cover of You Don’t Own Me, by Poliça. oh and Suicide Squad is cool too.

  10. I think the gangster iteration that they were going for with Jared Leto’s performance was taken from Azzerello and Bermejo’s ‘Joker’ OGN, where the portrayal is one more grounded in that of a crime boss, albeit completely unhinged. However the look there was more in line with the scruffy, chelsea grinned appearance that Heath Ledger sported.
    I don’t mind his portrayal, I thought it was different, not necessarily bad. They just didnt give him enough to do. It’s interesting to see that a moviegoer is now suing the film for false advertising because the scenes that were used in the trailer were cut. I think that is what pisses us all, the studio meddling. All in all another subpar to terrible offering from Warner Brothers. Hopefully they will give Geoff Johns control in the same way they now give Kevin Feige. I am not holding my breath though.

  11. I hated it so much. I also hated the picture in picture. Like they made a satellite just to vidoe the other? GTFO. Thats a small thing, I also hated when Diablo said, ” I already lost 1 family, I wont lose another” What? TBIS IS YOUR FAMILY NOW? 1 day of fighting. Weak. This isnt the goonies. They should still hate each other but respect each other. The only thing I disagree with is I liked Leto, im interested in all the deleted scenes that they cut from him.

  12. Great podcast guys one note though. Mike you barely let Ron talk… I understand you really hated this movie as did Ron and I would have loved to hear more talking split between the two of you instead of mainly Mike ranting.

  13. I hope they can right the ship with WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, but I wasn’t as annoyed with BATMAN V SUPERMAN or SUICIDE SQUAD in the first place.

    Is the DC Animation Brain Trust disbanded? No KILLING JOKE review?

    • Closer to end of the month. Conor mentioned logistics getting in the way of the Trust gathering before then. I’m really interested in that conversation considering the “controversy” of Batgirl’s role.

  14. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    I really want to see a Jeremy Irons Alfred and Jai Courtney Captain Boomerang team up movie. #JaiBless

  15. I had fun watching this movie, I don’t care about the rampant DC hate bandwagon that a lot of people are on.It was far from perfect but it was entertaining.Good summer pop corn flick.

    • Bandwagons are large for a reason.

    • Of course it’s easy to jump on because god forbid you have a different opinion from anyone else.Why not be sheep, it’s the easy way out.

    • I’m completely with Big Al on this one. Without question we live in an age where there is often a hive mind that forms on Internet message boards. I felt all along this movie was doomed from the moment I first heard about it. No, not because it is a movie based in the DC universe. It was because all of the DC bashing that goes on is obnoxious. This started to become the “in” thing to do with The Dark Knight rises, and now the snowball is truly an unstoppable force rolling down the hill. Was Rises as good as Returns? Absolutely not. Was it as hideous as many “critics” and the angry mobs of “fans” would have you believe? Not even close. Likewise, MOS and BvsS were not perfect by a long shot, but the vitriol spewed their way? Wow. And yes, I’ve been a fan of these characters for years.

      And enough with the complaints about the DCU being too “dark”. This is so played out to the point of being completely tired.

      As always, to each his/her own. But my god I wish some of these sheep would quiet down.

  16. So, so bad. I actually fell asleep for about 10 minutes. I didn’t even fight it. I just got comfortable and accepted it. These characters all hate each other in the beginning, and they are all ready to die for their “family?” No heart at all. Just awfulness. The best character is the guard from the beginning, a character I ABSOLUTELY expected to see some closure with. But nope. Just Will Smith promising to kill him, and then we never see him again. No heart in these DC movies. Just awfulness. It did make me laugh through when the Enchantress was threatening the world while doing her goofy little dance. My favorite part.

  17. I liked it more than some but not as much as others. DC is kicking ass with rebirth in the comics but they pale in comparison to marvel when it comes to movies. Whereas I feel marvel is just the opposite. Their movies are awesome but the books are just…meh.

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