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Special Edition – Star Trek Beyond

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It’s the third installment in the re-imagined Star Trek Lens Flareverse — Star Trek Beyond! Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards are joined by super-Trekkie Mike Romo to find out if the bad taste of Star Trek Into Darkness has been washed away by the latest effort, directed by The Fast and the Furious vet Justin Lin. Were Mike and Conor swayed by attending the world premiere at Comic-Con? Will Ron murder them in a jealous rage? And just how much time can be spent discussing the positioning of nacelles? Also, a look to the fourth installment and Star Trek: Discovery!

Running Time: 00:48:20

Star Trek Beyond Crew

“Labor of Love”
Michael Giacchino


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  1. Even though I grew up on TOS and watched my fair share of TNG, etc, I’ve never been a Trek superfan. I enjoyed ST2009, and “In Darkness”, not so much. Only seen the recent movies once, and missed almost all the media blitz for this new one. That said, here’s my reaction to “Beyond”:

    Kinda boring. I felt like the villain and his crew were generic Trek baddies, and didn’t interest me at all. The motivational reveal at the end might have helped if it were earlier. Either way, his claimed philosophical issues against the Federation didn’t make sense to me.

    The MacGuffin of “the last piece of the magical super-weapon” really bothered me, because, well, it was *magic*. There was no explanation (I think) of what was, why it worked, where it came from. I don’t need the equivalent of the Starfleet Technical Manual, but this is science fiction, not Lord of the Rings (or even Star Wars), so just give me some science-y sounding backstory, and not hand-wave it as the equivalent of the One Ring, forged by an ancient race.

    While I agree about Karl Urban, I’m not a fan of Quinto’s Spock, and didn’t sense any chemistry with his castmates.

    A lot of the humor fell flat for me, though I did laugh out loud once (can’t remember the joke, though).

    On scene in particular, when Kirk and Chekhov return to the crashed saucer (an maybe another?), was super dark , and even though I was at an indoor cinema, I was having trouble making out the action.

    Maybe I’m just cranky, but it felt just a little too much a Star Trek veneer painted over a generic action movie. Moderately fun, but ultimately forgettable.


  2. Yeah, of the three this came the closest to that old feel. I loved it.

  3. Personally, I thought it was a lot of fun… What more do you need…?

  4. Did I hear this wrong- or was “J Law” said- and confirmed without a hint of irony?

    I am glad everyone like it but when I hear things like “Michael Bay 360”
    Sounds like another rose colored ifanboy recency bias, we’ll see how the reaction fairs over time.

    This can be a fine – ‘fun’ movie.
    But when critics say it doesn’t feel like Star Trek that’s no small fan-boy reaction.
    Some of the essential roddenberry dna- TOS- TNG even Voyager and Enterprise.
    I could talk about ideals- goals- commentary- of those series, but those things are missing in these new movies.
    I could be way more on board with what this movie offers if it was just another space movie rather than making me miss
    what the tv shows were able to offer.

  5. These “J.J.-verse” films, while varying in quality from okay to dreadful, are little more than extremely well-produced larping.

    I am so, so looking forward to Star Trek Discovery.

  6. Finally saw it and loved it. 50% of the reason I watch these movies is to see the Enterprise in the docking bay sequences and in battle. It’s just the greatest ship design ever and gives me goosebumps every time it’s on screen.

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