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Special Edition – Son of Batman

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — reconvene to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie! How does the film stack up against the other Batman offerings? What does a shared universe of animated films mean for the future of the film series? Was it a mistake to bring Damian back in the comics in the first place? All of this is discussed… and more!

Running Time: 00:36:06

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  1. Good podcast! I went into it thinking the art was great and hoping to enjoy it but I found so much of the writing to be downright jarring. I was glad you mentioned the date-rape scene and how weird it was they had that conversation with Damien standing right there.

    I was a little surprised you guys didn’t mention the scene where Batman chucks a throwing star at Damian’s forehead. That was really weird. He didn’t just toss it, he wound up and threw it hard like he was trying to kill him. Then when Damien asks “what if I didn’t catch it?” he only says “It would have hurt.”

    That writing seemed a lot more like Owlman than Batman.

  2. My bigger issue with all of this is trying to understand how it all happened inside of five years. Obviously, Bruce and Talia hooked up before he was Batman (and is the reasoning for that explained in the movie? It makes sense in the old continuity, but five years before he was Batman he would have been some punk rich kid trying to learn kung fu), but there were two, possibly three Robins over five years, one of whom died and came back and one of whom “grew up” and took on a new identity. That makes Tim even less of a factor, because it seems implausible that Batman would have moved on from Jason’s tragedy fast enough to have had and lost a Robin to be without one when Damien shows up. This to me is the biggest flaw of DC trying to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to New 52 continuity – either reboot entirely or don’t, but this Frankenstein mix is too implausible even for comic fans.

  3. The only thing more frustrating than what has happened to our favorite characters under the New 52 is when people tell you “You still have all your old comics.” Is it really so wrong to want new, good comics?

    • It’s extremely frustrating but so far as the numbers go, DC hasn’t suffered greatly in sales or greater public perception of its properties even with their obvious insecurity/reluctance to present any property not related to Batman or easily Batman-ized. The New 52 rolls on, DC still slaughters in trade sales, and “Man of Steel” was what it was and no one even blinked.

      What’s amazing to me is that a company that is so doubled-down on its IP versus its talent would sacrifice the one thing that makes their characters so special, their history. I’m not saying that we need the old DCU back, although that coupled with a departure by Harras/Didio/Lee and a new dedication to content would undoubtedly make for a lot of goodwill among folks who feel like us.

      But hey, Pak’s Superman books are turning out great and Azzarello’s Wonder Woman is still going strong, so i’ll take what I can get…

      Soooo glad I went with a rental, but bummed as I was pretty excited for the possibility of a Dick & Damian “Batman & Robin” adaptation spinning out of this. Great (albeit, downbeat) show, guys!!

  4. I was annoyed that Talia’s character was diminished to a damsel in distress, Deathstroke’s voice acting was just annoying and Batman was making out in the cave with Talia while his son is being beaten to death by Deathstroke. WTF DC?!

  5. Great podcast. I cut bait on S.O.B. after the first 10 minutes, was glad to hear that it never got better. Like Ryan, I can only go so far with the props that make no sense. When I saw the arrow-fed Gatling gun in the opening fight scene…well…

  6. I can confirm that at least one person make his purchasing decisions for these films based on your discussion of them. I do, in fact, vote with my dollars.

  7. I’ve bought every one of the DCAU films up to this point. I may rent this but I’ve just lost interest in the DCAU, particularly with the the new 52 stuff. Sounds like I’m making the right decision.

  8. Free Wally West.

  9. Finally got around to seeing this – and finally listening to the podcast review of it – so I feel I can be trusted as someone who stays current on all things DCA/iFanboy. (Btw, where is Ron?! Lol)

    My first impression of SON OF BATMAN was similar to Dreamy Ryan Haupt’s take on it: it’s not the worst thing in the world, it’s just okay. I mean, lots of stuff bugged the crap out of me, and did so from the start – when Batman has zero response to finding out he has a 10 year old child – and I found Talia’s ever-present cleavage laughable (could they not have zipped her up even to be a corpse??) – but I was still able to shake off the oy-vey and stay interested until the end. Then I listened to Paul and Conor on the podcast, and well… yeah. Now, much more of it bugs me. Thanks! haha. I really felt awful for Conor, though. When he was talking about the animated movies being so important to him as his last refuge of DCU creativity, and how even they are not up to snuff now… I just wanted to send him an Edible Arrangement or something. And he is right. These DCAnimated movies should *all* be awesome. We shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par, or even “okay.”

    I will now watch BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM and then listen to THAT podcast review, and my fingers are crossed that it will be an improvement.

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