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Special Edition – Marvel’s Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

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Marvel’s most accomplished spy and its deadliest vigilante team up for lengthy briefings and dangerous field operations in the latest direct-to-video animated feature from Madhouse. Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt engage in a brief, not so clandestine discussion of this curious team-up.

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  1. Great animation (with a couple exceptions…like one notable Black Widow face that looks like it’s melting), terrible script. The first film, which is available on Netflix streaming…Iron Man Technovores or something, had a little better likeness’ in the faces, but an even worse script. It also features War Machine, Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Punisher. And yeah, the “anime pacing” is just not a good fit for these characters.

    They could really be onto something if they let some Comic Writers do the scripts…or even general plotting. Or as Paul suggests, take a page from DC and base the next 3 films on actual beloved comic storylines, except put them in the movie-verse that these last two seem to exist in.

    For their next one, I would love to see some more Captain Marvel!

    Just FYI, this whole movie is on Youtube, or at least was last week, if you really want to try before you rent or buy.

    • Yeah I watched this on Youtube and it was kinda crappy. The Black Widow and Elias scene near the end talking about how much they loved each other was goddam corny and awful.I was ready to turn the movie off at that point.It was a struggle to get through the whole film.

  2. Great choice on the intro music.

  3. I certainly don’t want to praise the film as I would definitely pan it just as much as you guys. (I gave it a “decidedly Meh” on my blog at atouchofkoan.wordpress.com http://wp.me/p2xlVk-3O)

    However, I do think there was a little bit more going on than you talk about, like with the Punisher. I think the film was trying to compare/contrast the Punisher’s typical M.O. with the Widow, but it wasn’t ever really developed and there was in effect no change in the character by the end of the film so I guess it’s fair that you missed it. Likewise I think the Widow was supposed to change from being a company yes-man, as it were, to more of a lone wolf because of her acknowledgement of Punisher’s style, but this was hijacked by the very forced and trope-ridden love story that the film somehow turned into.

    Also, while the film practically begs for some discussion about the process of its creation, I think you guys get a little overboard in discussing the business side of things as well as making so many comparisons to DC (and its business side of things.) If you want to do that, that’s cool, but I think a bit more research may be called for. This film is produced in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, which means that it’s also meant for the Japanese market. This was a bit more explicit in their previous endeavors in creating “Marvel Anime,” and perhaps this production was hastened to the American DVD market thanks to the Captain America movie, but it’s just as logical to assume that this is primarily made and created with a different stakeholders/audiences in mind, and that’s what’s turning you off. Marvel Animation also creates their own solely owned properties, which results in different animated products entirely. Of course, some of that is like Hulk Agents of SMASH which has it’s own problems, too. 🙂

  4. I finally got around to watching this and while I think I enjoyed this a bit more I do tend to agree with just about everything said on the podcast. I really think this could have worked better if it had just been a Black Widow solo feature, then they could have developed the relationship with Elias better and shortened the whole thing overall. As a Black Widow fan I thought she was handled very well in this other than some of the romance stuff, but I think I attribute those few things to it being an Anime movie.

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