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Special Edition – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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The Marvel Studios Movie Universe expands to the small screen with the debut of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Paul Montgomery and Conor Kilpatrick team-up to discuss the pilot episode–what worked and what didn’t work? How was the cast? And what about Agent Coulson, who was last seen bleeding out on the floor of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier? All of that plus speculation on what we’ll see in future episodes and how it will tie-in to the Marvel movies, and mutual admiration for flying cars!

Total Running Time: 00:29:16

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“Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)”
Sarah Vaughan


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  1. Coulsen and Ming Na get a pass, the others are bland hollywood clones that could be replaced with no one even noticing. It feels way to much like Buffy with guns and computers and thats not good (buffy was about high school!)

  2. The intro and outro music made me laugh.

  3. I thought the pilot was solid. It was a lot of fun, which is pretty much what I wanted out of this show. It’s great to have Colson back and I was really happy to see Cobie Smulers as Maria Hill. It sounds like she will be popping up now and again and she hinted recently that she will have a larger role in season 2. I got really excited when Lola flew too, even though I had a feeling something like that was going to happen. Really the only problems I had with it was some of the acting was kind of bad. In particular, I thought the girl who played Sky was pretty bad at times. , but hopefully she can grow into the role better as the show goes on.

  4. I can’t wait to see what C list villians they pull out. My fingers are crossed for Stilt-Man.

  5. It was enjoyable, but not quite as good as I’d hoped. Across the board, the performances came across a little artificial and actorly, but it’s just the pilot and I suspect they’ll grow into the roles in time.

    It was neat that they were able to tie-in specific details from the various films. Still, I didn’t find this first storyline particularly captivating. I anticipate it’ll get better as the episodes start to build on one another.

    Thanks for doing the special edition podcast. And I enjoyed Paul’s review over at MTV Splashpage as well.

  6. Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons) looks a lot like Jennifer Garner. I loved Alias.

  7. I enjoyed the first episode and I’m excited to see where they are going to take it. Thinking about the show some more, it’s definitely a return to more of the all ages adventure shows of the 80s, like Knight Rider, the A-Team, and Dukes of Hazard. Avengers and the Marvel movies are very family friendly and this falls in line as a program the whole family can watch together.

  8. The upcoming villain that has been announced whose name I could not remember is Graviton:


    He’ll most likely just be in his civilian identity.

    The description for the third episode:

    “When the brilliant scientist, Dr. Franklin Hall, is kidnapped, Agent Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents must race against the clock to locate him. Skye is their only way in–pushing the team to their limits when the entire plan turns upside-down–on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

  9. Pilots are always special beasts. So often it’s one of the few episodes in a series in which there is typically the greatest amount of change; an amount of change which we won’t probably have in the rest of the series (basically, setting up the status quo), so it’s always hard making an evaluation based on it. But having said all that, I enjoyed the show and look forward to more.

  10. I liked the way Coulson being back from the dead was handled. First, Level Six Agent Ward understands Coulson is dead, then welcome to Level 7 in which Coulson is alive and Nick tricked the Avengers, followed by maybe a Level 8-ish-like alternate version of the story (one in which perhaps Fury wasn’t “tricking” the Avengers as much as Agent Coulson thinks and he was a little more dead-ish than he knows). I’m guessing the “Level 8” version (for lack of a better name) is the final layer to this onion, but you never know.

    Part of me never wants to know the truth, letting my imagination run while with different versions. But I know that for a series such as this it will certainly come up; and could be fun if it’s truly handled correctly. I wonder if there will be little clues over the season about his “nature” now. Perhaps the “wonder twin” scientists accidentally notice something (his DNA doesn’t match that on record, his blood is copper based, he only eats D cell batteries for breakfast), or Skye goes through one too many firewalls and learns something (such as one of those firewalls was in Coulson’s brain!), or Coulson starts exhibiting odd behaviors or characteristics (qualities beyond those of mortal men; a new tendency to routinely come back from the dead…I mean, Tahiti; they never see Nick Fury and Agent Coulson in the same room at the same time anymore).

    If this is handled well, it could be fun; if not, you’ll see this grown man cry.

  11. I really enjoyed the Fitz-Simmons. I have high hopes for them as well. They remind me _a_little_ of the two scientist in Pacific Rim (Charlie Day and the other guy). I also liked the fact that Dr. Streiten (Ron Glass) referred to them in the singular when saying they were not cleared for combat.

  12. If you look at Joss Whedon’s track record on pilots, he doesn’t really do big boom, lost monster mystery has your nuts and won’t let go pilots – executive wants for that sort of thing is what got the Firefly pilot swapped around.

    Some “blink and you’ll miss it” info moments:
    – Some of the people in Paris were Rising Tide, so they’re not a one-woman show
    – Did they call the Paris blonde Longshot? And were they hellbent on not giving her the SAG 5 grand for a non-mute role, or does she have some weird accent IRL?

  13. I don’t know if it’s the fact that this last few years has been what I consider to be the best age of television ever or that I’m just older and expect more, but I was really disappointed in the first episode. The car thing was obvious, the characters had no foundation, even the bomb agent that was picked to lead does not have any of the charisma necessary for his role. The dialogue was just not good and the plot was average at best. The computer girl is a clone of the girl from Arrow with the same basic mannerisms. Overall I understand this is supposed to geared towards families, but even my kids were already asking where their DSs were after the first five minutes. ONCE upon a Time has the same production value, but at least the whole family is invvolved with the characters.

    I’ll stick with it for two more episodes if I don’t get anything then I’m dropping.

    I know it’s possible to do a solid show of this type because they did pull off an amazing first season with Heroes, I just hope they don’t start where Heroes ended with predictable stories and weakened characters you don’t care about.

    For now Breaking Bad is the one to watch, (so sad it’s ending)

  14. By next season, there might actually be *many* comics-sourced tv shows on the air with Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, Gordon, Constantine, and Walking Dead & spinoff. So my dilemma will be having enough time to keep up with all or any of these shows. It seems to me that the main reason to watch the shows that are NOW airing are because I like the comics they’re derived from.

    I don’t like any of the shows mentioned half as much as favorites like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, American Horror Story, and so many others. I’m sorry to say that so far just because a show is a ‘comics show’ doesn’t mean that it’s great and in this new golden age of television hour long drama, it’s just not enough to keep me coming back week after week.

  15. Is it me or is this just a marvel version of green arrow or smallville?
    not complaining mind you- marvel has a much more interesting universe.

    but the joss whdeon is strong in this one.

  16. I enjoyed both pilot and podcast, so thanks chaps. Titchy thing, Fitzsimmons aren’t Scottish, the young woman, Simmons is English.

    Anyway, thanks again, that was fun.

  17. My wife and I are loving the show for what it is – light fare.

    LOVED the last segment of episode 2!

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