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Special Edition – Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — reconvene to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie: Justice League vs. Teen Titans! Can fan-and-Animation-Braintrust-favorite writer Bryan Q. Miller save these New 52 version films from themselves? Plus! Hope springs eternal with Batman: The Killing Joke this summer and looking ahead to movies possibly set after the Rebirth!

Running Time: 00:40:17

Justice League vs Teen Titans



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  1. SHAMELESS PLUG. Here’s the web address for my crowdfunding campaign: http://experiment.com/sloths

    Thanks in advance to anyone who checks it out, shares it around, and maybe even donates!

  2. A 24 year old fan chiming in. I felt this was the best Justice League Animated film in the New 52 universe. Since the New 52 films, I’ve felt the “anime inspired” style looks really odd for American superheroes, especially after the Bruce Timm animation style. However, the Teen Titans cartoon was done in an anime inspired style, so it felt appropriate for this film. The scene where the Titans change into their costumes at the carnival felt a lot like Sailor Moon transforming or Digimon digivolving. I really enjoyed the fact the Titans team was similar to the TV show. Especially when Cyborg is no longer mind-controlled and fights with the Teen Titans (I really don’t feel he fits as a member of the Justice League). I also liked Blue Beetle from Young Justice, so I welcomed his addition. The parts in the Titans HQ and in the carnival were reminiscent of the Teen Titans cartoon, which was awesome. I also thought the fight choreography was the best it has been in the new animated films. Seeing Beast Boy jump up high as a Kangaroo and then come crashing down as an Elephant was something I hadn’t seen before. Another aspect which was better was the swearing was kept to a minimum. These are cartoons aimed at kids, there shouldn’t be any (like the Bruce Timm shows). Although there was plenty I liked, the Teen Titans would be better presented as the early 2000s cartoon or Young Justice. Much of the fun is seeing them struggle with their powers and how to work together. With a serialized format, one can see the progression.

    • “Another aspect which was better was the swearing was kept to a minimum. These are cartoons aimed at kids, there shouldn’t be any (like the Bruce Timm shows).”

      Actually, they’re not. From its inception, the line has generally been rated PG-13 and aimed at teens and adults. BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE just got an R rating.

    • Certain entries handle this better than others, though. I found it rather jarring in the Superman/Shazam movie when someone complimented Billy Batson on kicking someone’s ass. In “Green Lantern,” when Sinestro tells Hal Jordan “I own your ass,” it honestly sounded like a profanity for the sake of – there’s no set-up of this kind of tone prior to it. Now, in “League of Two Worlds,” the language fits in fine there. I’m betting this film is one of the former type – profanity is put in for the sake of.

      TBF, I felt the same way when Tony said “shit” in Age of Ultron – only Cap’s reaction really fixed it for me. Characters don’t have to talk in four-letter “colorful metaphors” to make a movie adult sounding, especially when it’s like one or two words just thrown in – then it just seems like trying too hard.

  3. Is there a post-by time for the POW.
    Seems to be any time on a Sunday, just wondering when a good time is to check for it.

  4. I hear all of the complaints and I agree with them, but…. I had really low expectations as I have had for pretty much all of these Damian New 52 stories, and so I actually thought this one was fine, not good, but I watched it while washing the dishes and at the end said, “Yeah that was fun.” I’m 36 soon to be 37, not sure if that is needed for the line graph…

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