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Special Edition – Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

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The iFanboy Animation Braintrust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — wants to be under the sea, in an Atlantian’s garden in the shade! Aquaman takes the starring role in a film that doesn’t even feature his name! Does Justice League: Throne of Atlantis sink… or does it swim?

Running Time: 00:42:36

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“(Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay”
Otis Redding



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  1. Steve Trevor looked like Aquaman but sounded like Superman.

    IFanboy is pretty famous for giving more positive reviews of movies animated or not initially and then over time being less and less positive.
    But here’s one where you should just cut to the chase.
    There doesn’t need to be any defense of enjoying something but, this was efing horrible.
    I get that these movies have thin margins but this cost cutting formula is getting to be too much.
    For example the scene where Clark and Diana look out over the city – the camera lingers – All the buildings are the same shape and color! In full frame- this isn’t a distant shot it’s the whole point of it.
    Too many shortcuts in animation and story.
    Everything was rushed.
    Not enough time for characters, action, or story.
    And Paul is right by trying to everything with everyone nothing is properly served.
    Aquaman is a drunk talking to a lobster in the span of 24 hours he’s King of Atlantis and totally comfortable.
    I also miss the days when these films went for a different art style with different stories.
    I get that it iskind of cost prohibitive, but it’s starting to look like Hanabarbera house style now.
    So Black Manta is a member of the Atlantean royal court now?
    No explanation.
    That’s b/c Heath Corson, who I follow on Twitter and his Comics Writers podcast has ‘politely’ explained that Warners-DC have cut large exposition and whole scenes from his original scripts.
    I think it shows- and it leaves large holes in the story that make these tougher and tougher to get through these.
    And of course the 20 secs War with the Surface.

    This was bad.
    How much water can you pour into kool aid before it’s just water.
    I think DC animation is metaphorically trying to find out.

    And not everyone from Maine has a super thick accent.
    Where is Conor’s fugetaboutit?
    That’s a stereotype. ;-

  2. Glad to see you’re sticking around as part of the brain trust Paul!

    I also agree with Ryan, I’ve always wanted to see a Red Son animated film, I think it’d be perfect.

  3. As far as Flash movies, I’d most like to see Mark Waid’s “Return of Barry Allen” storyline. But since they’ll never make a Wally West movie, can you think of any Barry stories worth making into a film? The only one I can think of is the old “Death-of-Iris/Reverse-Flash-Neck-Snap/Trial/Wake-Up-Happy-in-the-Future” story.

  4. I really enjoyed this movie. Please continue to review the DC animated movies and have Paul come back to contribute. Some of the costume criticisms in these reviews seem a little nitpicky, but I thought the complaint about the lackluster battle scene at the end was spot on. It felt rushed and didn’t have an epic feeling. Hopefully the future movies have more battle scenes with each of the characters.

  5. I just saw the movie, then listened to this podcast review… and was flat-out stunned to hear how much you guys liked this. Lol

    I guess it’s a great lesson in “ya never know” / “everyone’s different.” But for me, JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS was a let-down.

    So many problems with it… starting with how little I got to know Aquaman, or the Atlanteans… because we had to have so many forced, unnecessary moments servicing characters and subplots which are entirely irrelevant to the main story. I learned more about Cyborg’s lack of organic genitalia than I did about, oh I dunno – what the Atlanteans even think of Arthur?

    I get it – the title states upfront that it’s supposed to be a Justice League adventure, not an Aquaman one. Whereas, in the comics, it was 3 issues of the Justice League title + 3 issues of the Aquaman title. This movie, to me, felt just like I got half a story. The wrong half.

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