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Special Edition – Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — reconvene to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie! Bruce Timm returns to the series he once oversaw! Did he bring the magic with him? Plus! Looking forward to Batman: Bad Blood and more Damian Wayne! (Just kidding: no one is looking forward to that.)

Running Time: 00:35:20

Justice League_Gods and Monsters

“Oh My God”
Ida Maria



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  1. Absolutely loved this one! Definitely check out the mini episodes from Machinima. I heard they’re also doing a “second season” of episodes next year as well. Looking forward to those too as I can’t get enough of these characters and with more episodes coming, one-shot character issues and a justice league comic book mini-series coming should keep anyone else in the same boat as me happy.

    Hopefully this creative team comes back for more movies periodically because as much as I love DC and the DCAU their movies lately have been a far cry from what the have been and could be.

    Couldn’t recommend this movie enough.

  2. this was soo dark was great to see something different loved it.

  3. I was dubious about this one until I heard your review (now absent from your iTunes feed, for some reason). A Justice League that kills is not a concept I’m comfortable with.

    I finally saw the movie today, and I really loved it! Not a line of cringeworthy dialogue, not one ounce of fat – just character building, solid plotting, action and more action.

    Not sure a sequel is necessary, though; this self-contained story seems perfect to me.

    • It somehow got deleted from the iTunes feed. It’s back now.


    • Conor, thanks for restoring the episode, which was excellent.

      The hallmark of a good Elseworlds story is its ability to surprise, which Gods and Monsters has in spades. Even the best DC animated movies — I’m thinking Batman Year One, All-Star Superman, New Frontier — are merely interpretations of excellent source material, and thus unlikely to reward most viewers with the unexpected moment.

      DC’s animated fare lately has the dual disadvantages of familiarity and inferior source material. Unfortunately, I think Warner’s continuing commitment to the New 52 character brands means this is mostly what we’ll be getting going forward. The chances of a Batgirl Year One, Judas Contract, or Great Darkness Saga movie at this point are nil, which feels like a lost opportunity to expand audience awareness beyond the Big Three DC characters — and a lost opportunity to tell better stories.

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