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The Season of the Comic Book TV Show begins tonight! Fox kicks things off at 8pm with Gotham, the gritty cop show set in a pre-Batman Gotham City! Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery have partnered up to have a spoiler-filled discussion about the pilot episode that stars Ben McKenzie as a new-in-town Detective James Gordon and Donal Logue as his new partner Detective Harvey Bullock!

Running Time: 00:27:39


“Inner City Blues”


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  1. “It can be watchable”

    Yeah – no thanks I’m going to wait on this one.
    Smallville had heart but Arrow leaves me cold and grimacing.
    And need I say Birds of Prey.
    DC live action tv leaves a lot to be desired.
    Cheap shortcuts are the problem- the set- writing- and acting.
    Not sure pilot episode makes a difference in that formula but I am will to be wrong here.

  2. The show was good, but it was a typical cop show IMO.

  3. i loved the first episode but i know people will nitpick it to death. So far to me it has a strong start with some clunky scenes that come from any show just starting out.

  4. Overnight ratings are, at this point, becoming irrelevant but…

    “The only newcomer in the slot, Fox’s Gotham (3.2 in adults 18-49, 8 million viewers) did everything you would like to see from a rookie — it delivered solid ratings with no lead-in support, improved significantly the time period (+39% in 18-49 vs the Bones season premiere last fall, which was a week earlier) and showed some growth (.1) at the half-hour mark. According to Fox projections, The Gotham will grow to a 5.1 in Live+7. That does not quite match the launch of last fall’s superhero drama, ABC’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (4.7 in Live+SD, 7.0 in L+7) but is a very healthy number in a very competitive time period.”

    Source: http://deadline.com/2014/09/gotham-scorpion-forever-big-bang-theory-blacklist-sleepy-hollow-voice-premiere-ratings-839418/

  5. For a pilot, I thought this was pretty good. I actually thought the cast was pretty solid, including Smith as Fish Mooney, though that may be more of a case of her being better than I expected because I had low expectations for her in that role. I think this show has a lot of potential going forward based on what I saw in this pilot.

  6. Here’s the thing: they’re smart to not make this an investigation solely into the Wayne murders and instead shift this towards Gordon’s war on corruption.

    But that actually causes a bigger problem: Just what the hell is Gordon going to be doing for the next 10 years while Bruce is becoming Batman?

    Either he’s going to be a broken shell of a man who can’t get the city clean or he’ll have solved all of Gotham’s problems and they’ll be no reason for a Batman. I joked about hoping this world became the Adam West Batman verse but really it’d kinda be the logical conclusion if Gordon kills corruption in Gotham and the only thing Batman has to contend with are arch-criminals.

    • “But that actually causes a bigger problem: Just what the hell is Gordon going to be doing for the next 10 years while Bruce is becoming Batman?”

      Catching cases? I mean, it was his first day on the job… it takes a long time to navigate corrupt political waters full of armed people who will drop your bullet-riddled body off the pier at a moment’s notice. In the meantime he’s got to do his job, too.

      But you’re right that the central problem for the producers is that Gordon cannot become too successful because otherwise there would be no need for Batman. But how long can we watch Gordon fail? The SMALLVILLE producers got around this by having Clark become a different superhero before becoming Superman–a Superman without a name and a costume–but that’s not going to work here, unless the focus ends up shifting to Bruce, which is problematic.

  7. I finally watched. I thought the pilot was good. The cast is really solid which helps immensely. I’ll definitely give it a chance. S.H.I.E.L.D. got so much better as the 1st season went on. I’m hoping the same will happen here once they have a chance to find a groove.

  8. ethanharrison (@twitter.com/nixonrodeo) says:

    I really did not like the pilot but the 2nd episode was an improvement. I do not have high hopes at all for this series but I will continue watching and cross my fingers for it to have some creative story lines and character development

  9. Enjoyed this. I think the Penguin character was great, as are Fish, Maroney, and the other detective. Also I LOVE all the city shots, especially that gorgeous twin towers building.

    I tried hard to like SHIELD but the bad acting and silly team concept ultimately had me drop it. Gotham is off to a much better start.

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