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Special Edition – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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Join Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick as they have a sit and a chat about the newest DC Comics-based television show that has spun out of two of their favorite DC Comics-based television shows. It’s time to talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

Running Time: 00:23:20

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“Been There All The Time”
Dinosaur Jr.


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  1. Sometimes I feel like Wentworth Miller thinks he’s In a Joel schumacher movie.
    It’s just soo much over the top- he’s got to dial it back.

    Also now that the voicemail line is no more- maybe it woul dbe good to edit out the references on the site?

  2. Great show. I wonder if they’ll talk about how Barry invented Gideon (at least I think they said that in Season 1 of ‘The Flash’) in ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’ Do you guys plan on doing a podcast on the DCAU film ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ in the future?

  3. I thought it was a little too zany. I liked for a good pulp time. I like the Flash and Arrow but maybe I’m weird I most look forward to Agents of Shield and Carter.

  4. Loved the first two episodes. I was surprised that they “killed off” Hawkman in the second episode, but maybe now Cisco has another change to ruff up the feathers of Kendra, so to speak :-).

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