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Special Edition – Daredevil, Season 2

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Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards are joined by former iFanboy columnist Mike Romo to talk about the second season of the 13-hour original series (from the partnership of Netflix and Marvel Studios) featuring vigilantes, ninjas, and punching — so much punching — Daredevil!

Running Time: 00:44:52


“Blood Red Blood”


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  1. I was just browsing iTunes top charts and noticed you guys are currently at #47. I’ve never seen you in there before. Do you pop in there occasionally, or is this new?

  2. Great show and I also agree that the Netflix model is frustrating…I liked talking about LOST, Battlestar Galactica, Sopranos, etc every week. I liked dissecting the shows. This model is frustrating because I know people who can watch these things in one weekend but its nearly impossible for me and many others and as soon as these shows are released they are out of popular consciousness in a few weeks.

    Glad to hear Conor feeling better after the Animation episode and last weeks Pick of the Week podcast. Dude was grumpy.

  3. Punisher was definitely my favourite part of this season. I loved the part where he is kidnapped and tortured by the Irish. Then after everything he goes through he reveals he purposefully let himself get taken and his wound was actually housing a razor to help him escape. Damn!

    I personally thought Elektra was hit and miss but overall great season.

  4. I interpreted Karen’s reaction to “Alcoholic Matt” very differently. She ignored every time they said that because she knew it was bullshit. It was obvious that they didn’t want to tell her the truth and she just wasn’t into the mystery of it. She even says, at one point, “I’m not an idiot” implying that she was waiting for them to just get to confessing already.

    And honestly it’s kind of refreshing, given the number of love interests that seem to only exist for huge amounts of time to pry into the lives of people they pretend to trust and often don’t even have anything going on in their own lives. At least not the kind of thing the series cares to show us. So she’s stuck being a “nag” or a chain around the hero’s ankle instead of a source of support and a multi-dimensional character in her own right.

    I don’t think Karen’s portrayal is perfect, but I’d rather have hers than a few other female leads we could name.

  5. Before I even begin, 3 evergreen ifanboy memes that need to be uttered in every podcast.

    1. JESSICAAA (in a norf landaan acent)
    3. Only for voicemails/emails- I have thought about X for Y

  6. 1) I’d have to think that, at some point in Season 3, Melvin becomes Gladiator. You know, the whole “If you see a gun in the 1st act…”; 2) Bullseye would seem to be a no-brainer, but really, can a Daredevil series truly be complete without Stilt-Man?

  7. Apparently Netflix ordered a standalone Punisher series as of today.

    I suppose it had to happen, what with Jon Bernthal’s stellar performance this season.

    Suffice to say I’m definitely looking forward to more Marvel shows on Netflix. So far they’ve all been top notch. I can imagine great things in the future for Luke Cage and hopefully Iron Fist.

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