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Join Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and former iFanboy staffer Mike Romo for a short chat about the silver screen debut of the World’s Tiniest Hero — Ant-Man! Also known as Yellow Jacket.

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  1. As always, thanks for the listening material, guys. I agree with 99% of everything stated. Maybe it was 100%, but I’m leaving it at 99 to cover myself. I may have liked it a little less than the panel, possibly.

    The movie was okay. It’s on par with Incredible Hulk. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t anything I’ll have a desire to rewatch unless I’m partaking in a Marvel movie marathon. Ant-Man is an eccentric-type character that would do well in a more eccentric type film, as Conor pointed out. They didn’t do enough to break their mold when the opportunity was there.

    Yellowjacket was a dud — Marvel continues to struggle with their antagonists.

    Hope was your typical tough-as-nails ice queen. I would’ve liked for them to use Janet’s personality for Hope. We already have Hope’s archetype in Black Widow and any number of other Marvel females. It would’ve been nice for them to make Hope “kick ass” in less literal ways. Not every Marvel heroine needs to know how to do that crotch takedown.

    Douglas was good as Pym, as was Rudd as Scott Lang. They did well with what they were given, I just don’t think they were given much. I thought the little girl playing Cassie was great…they could’ve made Scott’s relationship with her more of a focal point.

    Beyond that, like you guys, I loved the stuff with young Hank Pym. This movie could’ve worked better telling two stories (past and present) which linked up at the end. It would’ve provided a different flavor than the standard vanilla we got.

    I agree, the breakout star of the movie was Michael Pena. He had the funniest gags in the film, and his two scenes where he was “flashbacking” to Scott were probably the two best scenes in the movie.

    It was okay, but I left wanting more.

  2. I kind of really want an Avengers movie set in 1985 that is about the secret team that the world doesn’t know about with Ant-Man, The Wasp, Nick Fury, older Agent Carter, and a few other B and C-list characters that they don’t want to use in the “current day” films.

    That would be really fun.

  3. Don’t get hopes up for a Micronauts film. 1) Bug hasn’t been around in forever in the comics. 2) Gallidor and the Space Knights were destroyed in “Infinity.” 3) Hank Pym is using the term “quantum realm” rather than “microverse.” 4) IDW just announced their ROM/Micronauts relaunch. Marvel either knew or expected that this was coming and began divesting itself of all these elements a while ago.

    Also, note that Steve or Falcon mentioned something about “the accords” and that’s why they couldn’t call in Tony. I would bet dollars to donuts this very scene will be in “Civil War” just like Fury talking to Steve in the gym was at the end of Cap 1 and in Avengers.

  4. Also, wouldn’t it be awesome if in “Ant-Man 2” Scott and Hope mount a rescue mission to save Janet, but because of the time distortion, when they get back Cassie Lang is a teenager (and can now be Stature)?

  5. I thought it was a very good movie. I quite enjoyed the change of pace from the bigness of Avengers. To be honest I probably had more fun at Ant Man than Avengers 2.

    • The smaller nature of the threat was what put it over the top for me too. There was some really clunky dialogue the actors did their best with but otherwise it was prettty enjoyable.

  6. Great podcast lads. I enjoyed the film hugely; sometimes it seems some of my fellow fans are disappointed if a new superhero film isn’t The Best Thing Ever Filmed and Ooh They Gave Me Chocolate and a Puppy On The Way Out. I’m good with solidly entertaining and a few standout moments. I liked the script, direction, music, chemistry between the actors, even Yellowjacket.

    Gotta say, though, that idea that came up in your discussion that the Hank-slaps-Jan incident is being subtly referenced is reaching so much you’d have to be Mr Fantastic to make it work. Why the heck would the movies go near that can of worms? All ‘after what happened to Janet” meant was what it seems to mean – she died. It’s not like he punched her into the Microverse.

  7. Finally saw it today. I thought it was so much fun. Aside from a few clunky parts, I thought it worked better as a whole than Age of Ultron. There were a lot of missed opportunities from a visual standpoint but it was funny and entertaining the whole way through. I like “hanging out” with these kinds of characters and I hope it’s successful enough for Marvel to keep making these “smaller” movies. Heh.

  8. I just got back from seeing it in IMAX 3-D… which by the way was great. Movie overall was OK, lots of slow parts and story had plenty of questionable parts… but I ended up enjoying it when all said and done.

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