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Special Edition – ’30 Days of Night’

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The adaptation of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s 30 Days of Night is out! If you saw it, tell us what you thought! Beware, spoilers ahead.


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  1. I’m first to post! I liked it. It was like if zombies were velociraptors. Wasn’t as “blue” as the comic. A little to bright out in alot of the scenes. But overall an enjoyable movie experience.

    The vampires could use a lesson or two in sustainable farming.

  2. Got to see it at Grauman’s Chinese. Freakin’ sweet, I tell ya.

    Now, I liked it, but man, that movie was a fuckin’ bummer! Even the scene where the big, shaggy loner dude kicks some ass wasn’t particularly triumphant. I mean, yeah, he roasted a few vamps, but he went out like a bitch.

    Overall, my money wasn’t wasted and it made me wanna read the book. I also wanna rent the DVD when it comes out ’cause I felt like some scenes were deleted.

  3. I liked it, but as an adaptation of the book I was less than satesfied. I was also annoyed by the constant shrieking, especially when combined with the screams.

    Overall I had fun going to see it. It’s nice to just switch off my brain for a film every now and then.

  4. Is it just me or did Josh Hartnett look like he was always about to cry?

  5. I never read the comic, but I was very disappointed by the movie. It was shot and acted very well and I liked they’re version of vampires, but it was not suspenseful at all, the passage of time was awful, and the ending was completely contrived and ridiculous.

  6. And I used the wrong “They’re”. should be “their”. Proof-reading is hard, lol

  7. Is it just me, or does this look thoroughly run of the mill? I just downloaded the trailer and was very surprised by how bland it all looks.

    Obviously a great hook (thirty days of night), but I think I would’ve preferred more style in the absence of substance.

  8. I loved this movie, it was just fun. A mashing of the comic and modern horror, a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn flick

  9. “Obviously a great hook (thirty days of night), but I think I would’ve preferred more style in the absence of substance.”

    This describes the book as well as the movie so it’s at least a faithful adaptation. And did you really just judge something by the trailer alone?

  10. It was nice to see Molly Shannon getting more work.

    And not to mention that the lead vamp looked like an evil, German Vampire version of Dan Akroyd..

    Somehow I’ve read most of the other 30 Days of Night books (Return to Barrow, Dark Days, Bloodsucker Tales) except the original series, so I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. It was entertaining, but it had that contemporary horror movie feeling of showing way to much gore and not getting into my head enough. I’ll still take the Exorcist over any modern horror movie any day if I really want to freak my shit out.

  11. Didn’t get through Blade?! The first one?!
    Oh, come on! It’s fantastic!

  12. He’s not wrong about Blade.

    It’s a fun time that takes itself just seriously enough.

  13. Didn’t get through Blade?! The first one?!
    Oh, come on! It’s fantastic!

    I found it extremely boring. I rarely turn off a movie I’ve rented.

  14. “I found it extremely boring.”

    I..You..But… So’s your face!!!

    Would 30 Days have lasted the DVD acid test?
    For vampire culture alone, I think Blade just does it so ridiculously well. Ron talked a little bit about the absence of vampire interaction in 30 Days, which is one of the great qualities of Blade.

    You’ve obviously got the titular character being distilled down to the best elements established in the early nineties, but you’ve also got the contemporary vampire underground getting fleshed out in a great way.

    Of the three Blade films I guess it’s the most stoic, but I’m a little surprised to see it described as boring.

  15. Best part of Blade: Stephen Dorff getting his ass kicked, and being called a “little bitch.”

    Also, Whistler wins the grizzled award for the 90’s.

  16. My friend invented a Blade board game in the 90’s when every movie property had an unnecessary board game (this may still be the case but I’m out of the board game loop). The game had a “Whistler Card” that you played when you were in extreme trouble and Whistler would bust through the wall and save you. To this day, when in trouble it is completely appropriate, within that group of friends, to play your “Whistler Card”.

  17. “Also, Whistler wins the grizzled award for the 90’s.”

    LOL. Completely agree. Who won the award since then? Probably Kris Kristofferson in some other part. I enjoyed Blade, and the second one, and the third one was “just OK.” I liked the ancient fat androgynous fampire in the library in Blade (first one). Kind of a fey Jabba the Hut, kind of, if you close one eye….

    Based on the iFanboy review of 30 days of Night, I really can’t say it seems very interesting at all. I like a good vampire movie, but vampires have been done to death (so to speak), and I really didn’t hear anything except the words “Josh Hartnet” to peak my interest. It just made me think I’d be fun to see Army of Darkness or one of the other Evil Dead movies again after all these years.

    Humans hunker down as undead comes to eat them. Whatever. I’m even surprised films along these lines gain still be made without a sense of humor: “Done to death.”

  18. So you’re saying you’d like a film you can really sink your teeth into?

    *tap, tap*

    I guess I’ll go.

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