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Special Edition – Marvel’s Inhumans and The Gifted

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Conor Kilpatrick is joined by Mike Romo and Ryan Haupt to discuss the pilot episodes of the two latest comic book inspired TV series — Marvel’s Inhumans and The Gifted!

Running Time: 00:46:12

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  1. For the Inhumans IMAX screening I was one of 20 people on the Friday night at 9 pm. It was almost laughable by the turnout, I overed some teenagers criticizing the acting rightfully so, as some of the acting was incredibly poor.

  2. I had an almost exact opposite reaction to everyone else to these pilots.

    First, I got bored by The Gifted. The son’s powers seemed routine and the daughter was Invisible Woman, I guess? And the pilot ended in yet another run/fight through an empty warehouse, something that happens in every superhero show. Also, I didn’t realize that was Sunspot or Thunderbird(?). Anyway, I felt like it wasn’t different enough for me to care nor did it make me invest emotionally in any character.

    But Inhumans? I really enjoyed. I’ve been loving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That’s the only comic show I watch these days now that the CW is no longer being shown on Hulu. And this builds on stuff that happened there, which I like. I’ve never read a real Inhumans comic, though I have read some Ms. Marvel. But I thought the series looked gorgeous once they came to Earth. (I’ve also never seen Lost or Game of Thrones.) I dunno. It worked for me. It helped that I didn’t pay Imax prices to watch it too.

  3. Andreas von Strucker and Andrea von Strucker in comics are the Fenris / Strucker Twins. They have kind of bothersome Wonder Twin powers. I assume Andy a direct reference to Andreas and Lauren’s name was chosen so they wouldn’t be named silly names which are almost the same! Reed Strucker I guess could be seen as a stand in for Baron Wolfgang von Strucker but… did they even really have a family relations dynamic in the comics? I never saw them as a family, anyway, just as “the next generation Hydra who are also mutants.” Age of Ultron in the MCU kind of merged the Magneto siblings’ origin with the Strucker twins origin. None of it matters.

  4. I only watched the Gifted and took everyone’s advice and skipped Inhumans. Although I am a fan of Agents of Shield and disagree with Connor that A.o.S looks cheap. The special effects for Daisy, Ghost Rider and Hive over the past couple of seasons have been really impressive for a TV show.

    But onto the Gifted – I enjoyed it. I liked the family dynamics of the show and hope that as a TV show they’ll have time to let the characters breathe and explore the parallels between Mutants and real world minorities in a way the movies sometimes don’t have time to do (like the comics traditionally have). You can already see them alluding to the plight of illegal immigrants today.

    I’m glad they didn’t immediately make the parents muthantphobic bad guys and put the kids on the run. While i’m sure it would have been fine it would also draw too many comparisons to Runaways which is also coming soon. Making it a show about the Struckers and Lorena and her baby does make it unique compared to the terrible family dynamics of the CW shows.

    The cliffhanger certainly worked too. I’ll be back next week. Whether I stick with the whole season is a tougher answer with sooo much on TV nowadays. I also haven’t even finished Legion…

  5. UPDATE: Episode 3 of Inhumans did nothing to fix its flaws. If anything, it was even more boring that the previous two episodes.

    Even so, I remain committed to finishing the next five episodes.

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