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Special Edition – Justice Society: World War II

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest release from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line… Justice Society: World War II! Plus Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth and looking forward to Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One!

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  1. Paul saying the script was messier and not as tight as they usually are for this movie surprised me. Messy would be an understatement for pretty much every single DC animated universe movie that was inspired by the New 52. Apokolips War was a disaster. This movie took plot points from an abandoned Wonder Woman animated series and it was clearly in development when 5G was the plan with Wonder Woman being the first hero while leading the JSA. It seemed like it was part of the animated universe as started by Superman: Man of Tomorrow. It’s the same style in the upcoming Batman: The Long Halloween two parter.

    They are building to a new Justice League team up movie in this new universe. It ended abruptly to say the least with her saying yes. Wally West in the Justice League animated series just named himself the Flash. There was no Jay Garrick in that universe so it’s fine with Barry naming himself. That happened in the Flash show with Grant Gustin not needing Jay to get the name.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Ha! I guess I meant—or should have said—the script was messier than *some of the better DCAU movies*. if not the typical DCAU script.

  2. My biggest issue with the movie was the complete lack of respect that Brainiac gets. Essentially any other villain would have worked better since you don’t use a big Superman villain in this movie for the team-up where Flash takes him out.

  3. Matt Bomer was good as Superman in Superman: Unbound, but is very good at voicing Barry and is great as Negative Man in Doom Patrol. He wanted to be Superman in live-action and is a better actor than Henry Cavill. He is fantastic in Walking Out where he is a very good actor.

  4. I’m shocked that Conor hasn’t read The Long Halloween in about 20 years. That does make more sense with not listing it as one of the best Batman stories other than Year One, Arkham Asylum, and The Dark Knight Returns in the old iFanboy video which was a huge mistake back then. It’s one of the best Batman stories and there’s no way that the two part film will be as faithful as The Dark Knight Returns two parter. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling I won’t be especially if they change the ending in part 2.

    They were never going to actually do the Tim Sale style and it was not approximated. It might be the same scenes, but it’s not the same style at all. This isn’t Justice League: The New Frontier adapting DC: The New Frontier. It also would have cost more money to make it look like Tim Sale’s art. WB isn’t doing that for direct-to-video features.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Yep, I really did think Germany was landlocked. Mea culpa.

  6. I enjoyed the heck out of the movie. The extras are, in fact, included if you purchase the digital movie from iTunes.

    Maybe the blond guy with the Superman suit is Rip Hunter, Time Master? Just a thought.

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