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Special Edition – Justice League

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Just as the heroes of the DC Extended Universe must gather to repel the forces of Apokolips, so too must Conor Kilpatrick, Mike Romo, Ryan Haupt gather to discuss Justice League!

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“The Justice League Theme – Logos”
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  1. I was so surprised that it wasn’t terrible I actually enjoyed watching it. It did feel like a slight course correction.

    Does anybody know if that was Alan Scott in the battle sequence with the Green Lanterns? Looked like a caped figure near the top of the screen.

    • I think it was meant to be a homage. That was way too far in the past to be Alan Scott.

      Plus, wasn’t the Lantern an alien?

    • It was so fast it was hard to tell. There was definitely an alien Lantern killed in the foreground and then a smaller Lantern in the distance with what looked like a cape (the one I thought was Scott). You’re right though-the time frames would be out of whack.

    • The Green Lantern in the movie is Yalan Gur. He’s super obscure, to the point that I didn’t remember his name. He’s the ancient Green Lantern associated with the Starheart which is associated with Alan Scott. They went DEEEEEP on that one.

  2. Wow, I loved “Justice League” and was really sad hearing you guys trash it for the better part of an hour. And surprised, actually; this film worked pretty hard to prove itself a different animal from the MoS/BvS/SSquad mess, and against all odds, it worked like gangbusters for me. Plus, perhaps most importantly? This was the first time I feel I’ve seen MY Superman on screen in many, many years – this film (and Cavill) fucking nailed it! I had such a huge smile on my face whenever he was in a scene, especially after Lois was able to provide the emotional anchor for him (which I felt was beautiful; I even teared up when his mom ran to him in that cornfield). His suit was brighter, his attitude was pure comic book Big Blue, and he showed with his powers, forethought and ability to inspire why he belongs at the top of this team’s lineup. I don’t care that MoS/BvS presented a Superman which this world wouldn’t mourn. This movie and this Superman made it so easy to erase that from my memory. They rebooted that ugly center of the DCEU for me – and this time, they got it pitch perfect.

    Did I feel all of “Justice League” was perfect? No way. Yes, Steppenwolf was a big problem. He was a videogame boss in a movie better than he was, and once again the DCEU gave us yet another CGI gaming sequence finale. But it really didn’t bug me all that much because I was having so much fun watching all of my favorite heroes portrayed all so well, and becoming a team. They all had their own distinct stories and arcs; and I really do hope we’ll have a chance to see more than Gadot’s WW and AquaMomoa again. As for the humor, it clearly didn’t work for you three, but it totally did for me and the (only 2/3 full IMAX) theater where I saw it – and it wasn’t overbearing the script or geared toward six year-olds like the humor of recent Disney/Marvel movies has been. Last but not least, I just thought there were so many breath-taking set pieces in this movie – I am legit stunned you guys felt bored?! – from the Amazons’ last stand on Themyscira, to the flashback to Steppenwolf’s first attempt at taking over Earth (pure nerdgasm!), to Aquaman’s and Mera’s undersea battle with Steppenwolf (and when have we ever before seen an underwater battle in a superhero movie??), to the freshly-reborn wild Superman vs. the League (so many holy shit beats in that 5-7 minutes alone)…

    I just don’t know what I am going to do with you guys LOL. Maybe you’re not seeing these movies with the right people? You’re definitely not seeing them in the right theaters; I almost screamed when Conor/Mike said they actually watched “JUSTICE LEAGUE” in a shoebox theater?!!! And it sounds like Ryan saw it by plunking three coins into a nickelodeon. Jesus Christ, guys. I feel like on Friday you’re going to put out a podcast trashing my Thanksgiving. Please let a little love into your hearts! This movie did not deserve the hate-watch review you gave it.

  3. Between the iFanboy brain trust and the feedback received so far from Randal and Bionic Dave I am probably closest to Randal with my opinion. I was surprised how much of it I enjoyed and it did exceed my rock bottom expectations of it being terrible.

    I do have a fresh hope though that the next Justice League or Wonder Woman/Batman/Flash movies will have better villains to create a real story around.

  4. I took my daughter, who is a huge fan of DC thanks to the animated releases and Young Justice. We had a fun time. I wouldn’t say the film was good, but it wasn’t terrible either. I liked Aquaman way more than I thought I would, and was ambivalent to Flash and Cyborg way more than I thought I would be.

    The post credit scene with Luthor/Deathstroke….the name on the yacht was “Icon”, who I guess DC bought along with the other Milestone characters, and he featured in Young Justice. Foreshadowing Luthor making his own Superman response? That would be a wild.

    The flashback scenes were some of my favorite. Was Arion of Alantis in there? And the Green Lantern looked like Larfleeze to me, but I’m weak on my GL lore.

  5. A couple things:

    1) The impression I got from the end of the movie is that this basically was a reboot. Something happens that lightens the overall tone. Everyone was cracking jokes, Wonder Woman is hanging out with the childrens, Superman and Flash have their race, this was more the super-happy-ending Justice League. Now, whether or not it was earned or made sense is another story, but that seemed to me to be the intention.

    2) I’m sorry, but a lot of this reminded me of Avengers, and I wonder if that was on account of Whedon’s influence. Specifically, the way they portrayed the Mother Boxes felt a lot like the Tesseract. And I know the Mother Box has been around for much longer, so maybe it was a perfectly accurate depiction. But it really did seem familiar.

    3) The Slade at the end, was that Joe Mangianello? Or has that whole thing been thrown out the window?

    Overall, I did enjoy the film. Seeing the six heroes at the end standing together was tres sweeeet. But there’s still a lot of work to do to make this a really good film.

  6. Think the guys review was pretty fair actually. Like they said, some great action scenes, superman looking round at the flash was iconic! But flash’s humour was OTT and steppenwolf was bad CGI, really don’t know why they CGI a basically humanoid character – same with Thanos in MCU to be fair – he looks rubbish too. Enjoyed it MUCH more then MOS/BVS/SS but yeah probably still only a 6/10

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