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Special Edition – Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie… Justice League vs. The Fatal Five! Plus, Green Lantern continuity in the Timmverse and a look ahead to Batman: Hush!

Please note that there were construction workers outside of where Conor was recording and Paul was having oversensitive microphone issues. We apologize for any wonky noises.

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  1. My enjoyment of these movies, especially those based on original material, is never really complete until I hear the thoughts of the Brian Trust on the matter, and this was no exception, so thank you so much.

    I agree that the movie does main problem is execution, and I also agree with a lot of the criticisms Paul had about the portrayal of. Those seeking to deal with mental health issues, and treatment of those issues in the film.

    When we see Jessica Cruz talking to her therapist early in the film, I was especially thrown by the the throwaway talk of a mantra. Mantras can be effective tools of course for dealing with all kinds of things but even a brief exchange between Jessica and Jessica’s therapist about other coping mechanisms, or medications or how to deal with the PTSD in a more active and inclusive and holistic way would’ve gone a long way for me. Just a little bit more beat on the meat on the bones, with a a little bit more of Jessica talking about the ways in which her “security job” were triggering and how to contend with those for years would’ve been very welcome.

    I also agree that Star Boy’s framing of mental health and his subsequent “treatment” at Arkham Asylum was not handled particularly well, especially with the ablest sort of language that the doctors and to certain extent, Batman. I did think that star boy as a character seemed fully three-dimensional and fully human in a way that really work for me in the film., I thought his sense of humor was nice, and I really enjoyed the small scenes that he had with two face, and the sense that we get from the film that this to face at this particular time is really trying to get a handle on his own mental health issues and to look out for star boy. I thought that added a really nice dimension to to face his character and was probably my favorite moment of the film.. After all, have we ever heard two face apologize to anyone before and admit that he’s trying to be better? That was very well done, and quite powerful for anyone that has history with the animated series version of the character
    I also thought I thought that the scenes between star boy and Jessica Cruz were also positive standouts in the film. To see Jessica Cruz reach out to star boy, and talk to him as, a person in a non-patronizing way about whatever was going on with them and to see him joke about the joker and joke about the time he spent in Arkham Asylum (and not in a completely pejorative way) was really nice. I think that’s. That’s where we get some sense of why she might’ve been chosen for the job, not because she lives is without fear, but because she lives with fear and understands the consequences of trauma. That’s a very good way to approach the character of a Green Lantern and I wish we had more of this characterization and less of the kind of “power through the trauma that we get in the last half of the movie when she really harnesses the power of the Green Lantern.

    From a visual perspective, star boy’s superhero costume is one of my favorite things to be animated. It was beautiful and serene, every moment. It was on screen

    The wonder woman attacking Jessica was a scene that I thought about a lot, and I can see the justification that attacking Jessica to bring her out of her shell is a certain sense very much in character with the wonderment of the animated series, but I also thought that a wonder woman that would have some knowledge of the PTSD that Jessica Cruz is dealing with, would not have handled it in the same way. Because you don’t attack someone who is very trauma is from being attacked, and I also think that. A person who came from an island of warriors would know a thing or two about how to respectfully handle somebody in the field. It’s dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder. So I really disliked that scene, and also the “I broke a nail dialogue” and the “I heard you were grabby that Ms. Martian throws at one of the villains at some point. A lot of these dialogue lines were very ham-fisted and could’ve used some refinement and another several passes, or perhaps a more diverse writer’s room

    I agree that all the Mr. terrific stuff was spectacular, and the banter between Batman and Superman was great, as was Ms. Martian’s sidekick thing with Batman

    I’m a little bit torrent on the level of violence and some of the language. Some of it seemed appropriate, some of it seemed a bit gratuitous.

  2. Anyone who thinks that this movie is set in the Timmverse just because of the aesthetic is frankly being ridiculous. It clearly doesn’t especially because of the Green Lanterns where Guy and Hal don’t exist other than a Hal cameo in a Justice League Unlimited episode. That only occurred because of the time stream changing with John becoming Hal briefly. I was bothered by the fact that we never see Jessica get her ring and it was very strange since that was a missed opportunity where it isn’t explained for her backstory. Another way that you know this doesn’t take place in the Timmverse is that Superman could only fly in space while wearing an actual suit like an astronaut in the animated series since he couldn’t breathe in space.

    You see that here:


    That’s why I wouldn’t worry about continuity. The swearing felt unnecessary and it felt like the movie was trying too hard. I thought that using the actual animated series themes for Superman and Batman was cool at first, but then every time Batman appeared, his theme played which was excessive. That didn’t happen in the Justice League animated series so I didn’t like it in this movie with it happening over and over again.

    • With the Green Lanterns, Kai-Ro would be there from Batman Beyond as a cameo with the tribute to them too so that is another clue as to how you know that this isn’t part of the Timmverse.

    • I’d just figured that Jessica’s GL origin was a bit extra to fit in with the flow of this movie. Having to explain about the Crime Syndicate, and how Power Ring’s power ring fed off Jessica’s fears etc. would’ve taken too much time to unpack.

      I agree with Conor/Paul on this movie. Didn’t think it was terrific (but am glad Ryan did!) but didn’t think it was bad either. It was fine.

      But while watching it, and seeing how much of Geoff Johns was in this – and with me being so hot and cold on DC Comics’ current status – it made me worry that DC is really missing Johns’ guidance and inspiration these days.

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