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Special Edition – Iron Fist

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Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards  talk about the fourth 13-hour original series from the partnership of Netflix and Marvel Studios — Iron Fist!

Running Time: 00:23:15

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“Kung Fu Fighting”
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  1. Totally agree with you both. Not terrible but I lost interest around episode 7/8 and more or less finished because I wanted to know what happens and how it will relate to upcoming shows.

    • Your comment makes no sense and is contradictory. If you wanted to know what happened and how it would relate to the other shows then you did not lose interest. Wanting to know what happens is the exact opposite of losing interest. If you really lost interest at 7/8 you would have stopped at 7/8. Example, I lost interest in Smallville after season four. After that, I never watched it again. It’s okay to say you liked Iron Fist. You don’t have to pretend to be above it.

  2. Agreed. It wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t great. I think it just needed some more time developing the series and for the love of god better fight choreography. That should have been the focus of the show.

    I liked all the things you guys brought up. I think Ward actually had an entertaining storyline. I think they should have concentrated on Davos, Kun Lun and the Hand because that’s when the show actually worked.

    I almost think they should have found a way to divorce Danny from the Rand corporation because those were the most uninteresting parts of the show and also it would have separated him more from Green Arrow.

    Also I think more comedy would have been a good idea. I think when the show wasn’t being angsty and was being more light hearted or campy it worked better. I think making this show a full blown comedy with martial arts action might have been a good way to break it up considering this feels like it’s towing the same line as all the other Marvel Netflix shows.

  3. I watched the episodes while cooking dinner mostly so that helped me enjoy the good parts and gloss over the parts that didn’t work that well. Maybe the preferred viewing method 🙂

  4. I couldn’t finish this show. Danny’s character has been inconsistent. There’s always talk about K’un Lun but that’s all there is… all talk. Colleen Wing is the saving grace of this show. I feel bad for Iron Fist cause he is a great character just not on Netflix.

  5. What was reaay great about Luke Cage?
    Was it the fact that the actor Looked just like Luke Cage?
    Was the soundtrack?
    Was it the look of the series?
    Yes- Yes- Yes
    Was it the acting, was it on screen chemistry- was it Diamondback?
    Yeah– No.

    We give so much more credit to Luke Cage and not Iron Fist when they basically come from the same formula with the same flaws.

    Marvel’s problem now is being a victim of the production line.

  6. I agree that Luke Cage was over hyped while Iron Fist was over criticized. They are in my eyes cut from the same cloth and have many of the same issues. I think the main distinction is that people love Mike Colter (rightfully so. He seems like an awesome guy) and Finn Jones hasn’t reached that same level of acclaim. I don’t think Finn is bad in the roll. I think the problems with Iron Fist are at a higher level. The script, the pacing, the directing. The performances in my mind were all fine. Finn just didn’t break through the flaws to win people over. Hopefully he’ll work better as part of the Defenders ensemble. If Danny Rand only appears in team ups from now on I think I’d be okay with that. I sort of feel Luke Cage also needs someone to play off of so hopefully the two will have some chemistry in the upcoming show.

  7. I actually rather enjoyed the show for what it was. I did find it compelling and it was relatively good for a superhero show as far as they normally go. The problem is that Netflix introduced us to a hole new level of superhero shows with DD, JJ Aand Luke Cage to a lesser extent. I found Iron Fist much more flawed than those and therefore stood out as much weaker. Much of this was down to, as the guys said, Danny’s characterisation, lack of clear focus and no singular, driving sinister force.

    That said, it sounds like they are learning (or that it was always the intention) and Danny in Defenders will be somewhat different. I do want to see a season 2 and if you want to read a really cool treatment I totally suggest checking this out. It’s long but spot on imo


  8. To put it charitably, I think Finn was seriously mis-cast. Even given that these stories take place in a fantastical universe he was never believable to me as… anything. I think of it as GoT effect — if you got a role in that show suddenly you’re a hot property, whether you’ve really got the chops (is that a bad pun?) or not.

    Honestly from a writing and acting standpoint Ward was the standout. He and his character really traveled an arc. There was a fantastic moment when, after he finds out his father has come back from the dead, he was just brilliant at being freaked out, resigned, outraged…

    But why… seriously, why… did we travel something like 28 city blocks with returned-from-the-dead ward’s dad? It added nothing, it explained nothing, it was just plain stoopid. Show him murkily rising to the surface of the swamp, crawl up on land, one big scary roar… and cut to the penthouse, and him cleaned up and more crazy and more evil.

    Maybe the intensity of the criticism was heightened, but this was MUCH more of a miss than a hit.

  9. I devoured all the schlocky kung fu from Marvel (although only as a back issue dumpster diver as I came into comics in the late 80s) and Iron Fist was certainly among my faves. What got me about it was how his original Marvel Premeire stuff had taken tropes from martial art flicks (the betrayal of a “brother” from the same house, a tower pagoda gauntlet of enemies) and applied it to the corporate boardroom. With Marvel seeming to embrace a distinct genre flavor for its properties (noir, blaxploitation), I was expecting way more homage and subversion along those same lines. Instead… meh. Just bland and aimless stuff that actually didn’t end up saying anything.

    Not much more to add (altho for the record I did like it, at about a Conor level on the Electro scale) but feel there was a missed opportunity for a Harry’s ad with a protagonist who somehow DESPERATELY NEEDED SHAVING

    • I think that’s the real crime. This was a missed opportunity to do something different and interesting. I was disappointed to see that they just followed their Netflix formula for this show. Hopefully the reception to Iron Fist will be a wake up call for them.

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