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Special Edition – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 02

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Not even Ron Richards’ shaky hotel internet connection can’t stop him from talking about Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 02 with Conor Kilpatrick!

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  1. Interesting discussion, guys, but I liked it more than both of you. Yeah, its plotting is flawed but I love these characters, the cast, the jokes, the visuals and the more intimate focus of the story. But then, I generally like Marvel’s movies more than you in general – which may or may not have to do with the fact that I don’t have much of an attachment to the Marvel comics universe.

  2. So… WTF Marvel?

  3. This movie was goddam awesome!Marvel hits another one out the park once again.

  4. At times during this review it seemed as if you guys were more disappointed that Guardians didn’t have things you imagined it should have in it rather than judging it for what it did have it. (so you didn’t get to see the Nova corp, no one promised the Nova corp) Why should I get an exposition laden scene (there were already too much of them for my liking) to remind me of who these people are and and their relationships even if the movie was 3 years ago, that’s on the audience to either go back and rewatch the first movie view one of the many recaps on YouTube (seriously there are a ton of them). I like that this movie and Ant Man had no discussion about Thanos, infinity gem blah blah. I wanted a space opera and I got a space opera, which unfortunately carries with it positives and negatives many of which you identified, and initially I felt like Ron when I walked out but after some reflection I appreciated it more. . And confession I am a huge fan of the first one because it was just a fun movie and sometimes I just wanted a fun movie., not a movie with endless nameless minions or villains whose motivations and actions are just dumb (cough Apocalypse) . Not a perfect movie but, not the best superhero/comicbook movie of the year but definetely worth a watch.

    P.S. on the watchers Uatu is owned by Fox although Marvel has a shared deal with the race “watchers” this means they could not just have Uatu and it could have affected how they could portrayed the watchers on film. Ego was also a negotiated property from Fox in exchange for Negasonic teenage warhead’ s powers

  5. I liked that they treated this as a standalone movie rather than tying it into the cinematic universe. It just feels i could watch it again and not worry to much of what came before or what’s coming next. I’ve the same fear as you Connor cause these Marvel movies are looking all the same, Guardians being the exception. On the positive the visuals are stunning and characters well acted (I expected more from Mantis, what she really is and not the butt of jokes). On the negatives the jokes are somewhat forced especially Taserface scene was just to painful to watch. Also they just played into the audience expectations regarding the humor, soundtrack and groot. In the end they didn’t show us anything new here. Loved the Watchers and Stan Lee. (I did think he was a Watcher and these scenes just made me happy). Also– so happy Yondu got his proper mohawk.

  6. I liked it better than the first. It was more character driven and the same amount of fun.

  7. I had a really good time with this one. I can acknowledge all of the criticisms but I have to say I was never bored and it didn’t feel over long. Although some of the jokes didn’t land particularly well, I laughed out loud a lot. I think it was miles better than the first. I’ll give it a 4 and I’m sticking with it.

  8. I came away with the feeling that the Yondu storyline was the center of the story. It worked for me. It wasn’t as good as the first movie, but I think any scene where Yondu was relating to the rest of the cast especially his scenes with Rocket and his scenes with Starlord worked for me. Kurt Russell was awesome as usual IMO. He could take the goofiest premise and sell it. We even got the actual Ego face, and I think it worked on screen. Yeah not all the jokes worked for me, but I think the movie moved fast enough that the weak points didn’t drag it down.

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