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Special Edition – Deadpool 2

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iFanboy assembles its own X-Force — Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, Ryan Haupt, and Mike Romo — to discuss Deadpool 2!

Running Time: 00:33:10

“If I Can Turn Back Time”


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  1. Well there is a pretty bad thing that happened with Michael Allred not getting credited for the X-Force sequence with all of them dying.


    I thought Deadpool 2 was good, not great and I knew about Vanessa dying with the Alien 3 comparisons from early screenings. I prefer Deadpool 1 quite a bit more. I also knew about Juggernaut appearing due to just following movie news. The CG for Juggernaut was pretty awful and very similar to the look of Steppenwolf. The final scene with Vanessa was taken away by Cable going back which was a mistake to me which hurts the impact of that moment.

    It’s also pronounced “Za-see Beets” which I only know from interviews and watching her explain where her name came from with her father hearing the wrong pronounciation in German.

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