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Special Edition – Dark Phoenix

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Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery drew the short straws so it’s up to them to wrap up the 19 year X-Men saga (unless The New Mutants actually comes out… a big unless). Plus: Ron Richards releases his official statement on the film!

Running Time: 00:38:15

“You’re a God”
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  1. Even with the ratings given, I feel that you both were pretty lenient on this movie. The scene that was released online was really bad and made no sense since Charles was taken by Apocalypse where he did risk something and Raven said they’re not kids anymore at the end of Apocalypse. Absolutely nothing from Apocalypse was followed up on in Dark Phoenix where it was the same writer. Kinberg also takes credit for writing DOFP when he only changed one thing which was admittedly a great change from Juggernaut breaking Magneto out to Quicksilver doing it instead.

    Why would the government give land to Magneto when he was in prison for killing JFK even though he didn’t do it which the government didn’t know? He then attacked Nixon and others on national TV while dropping a stadium. That made no sense. Jubilee apparently isn’t in school anymore from the last movie and Jean, Scott, and Storm would all be 25. They would have been running missions for 8 years since Apocalypse took place in 1984. Then Jean wielding her Phoenix powers at the end of Apocalypse was completely ignored. Magneto should have used the coin to attempt to kill Jean instead of using a railing and being so stupid in Dark Phoenix.

    They don’t mention what happened to the mutants who were getting rounded up so we have to assume that everything is fine even though Charles never contacts the president again. The original third act had the aliens with Jessica Chastain attacking the UN which you can see at the 1:47 mark of the first teaser trailer. Jean saving the world leaders would have tied up that random subplot. The space sequence was Jean flying into space to destroy the alien fleet with an invasion like the end of Captain Marvel. You can tell that the action was shot differently for the third act on the train and the second unit director did it instead of Kinberg. The aliens also state their goals in the movie with wanting to use the Phoenix *cough* cosmic force to take over Earth. It’s just not a good movie and I would rather watch Apocalypse.

  2. Far be it for me to defend writers of a movie of which I do not possess the interest to even contemplate seeing, and not to say that these writers wouldn’t have mucked it up anyway, however I am dubious that anyone could make an impactful version of the Dark Phoenix Saga fit into 2 hours and some change, unless it was the third film in a carefully planned trilogy.

    The comics version’s emotional impact comes from years of storytelling and relies on previous character knowledge. You need invested versions of the relationships. Scott and Jean, Xavier and Jean, Scott and the new team, etc. So that when those relationships are tested and break or hold together alone versus space armies on the dark side of the moon you actually feel something. These movies have laid none of that groundwork.

    You need some version of the 60’s comics storyline (Scott & Jean on adventures with the team flirting, bonding, growing closer) followed by the Phoenix Saga (really though beginning in issue 98 with Scott & Jean’s first on-panel kiss on their Christmas date night prior to the multi-issue Sentinel attack that culminates in Jean’s sacrifice and crashing into Jamaica Bay) up through Xavier mind blocking Jean’s new powers down and only then you could move into the Dark Phoenix Saga about Jean’s corruption and fall and ultimately final sacrifice. (Minus of course the Mastermind brainwashing aspect and all other adventures in-between these storylines)

    Oh well, third times a charm I guess.

  3. I liked it! I never intended to see it, but then I did, and I liked it.

    So… that’s my recommendation, I guess. Leave the house intending to do something else and have those plans fall through. Then look at the showtimes and say, “Well, I guess we’re doing this now.” That’s the recipe for mutant delight. Expectation management!

  4. Thanks for sitting through this and giving your thoughts.

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