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Special Edition – Black Widow

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For a movie about family we brought some of the iFanboy family together — Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, Paul Montgomery, and Mike Romo — to bicker and talk over each other in the raucous review of Black Widow, the (year-delayed) latest (flashback) chapter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! They talk about the film as well as their hopes and fears for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hey! The movies are back!

Running Time: 01:05:55

Rosemary Clooney with Betty Clooney & Paul Weston & His Orchestra


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  1. I always find it charming how into movies Conor is.
    I think that maybe there needs to be a mandatory 1 week waiting period for these releases before recording these shows.
    he just LOVES everything in a superhero movie and doesn’t really see a lot of the faults that are there – he is still too high from the experience.
    Historically a year- 2 years later his tune changes a bit.
    This can be a good movie without needing to justify all of its faults.

    Also, we all know what the real-world logistics are behind making this a hand-off film to the Next Black WIdow.
    I still found it a little disheartening that the first ‘Black Widow’ prime movie is the last?

    • If you paid any attention to what he said, Connor was recording this two weeks after he had seen the movie. So, your “mandatory” one week waiting period has been satisfied. Also, if he didn’t find any faults with it, who are you to tell him he’s wrong? If you found faults, that’s your opinion.

    • Yeah, Conor a year or two later says the movie isn’t memorable like with Doctor Strange among many other MCU films after saying they’re really good. He is not like that with other super hero films nearly as much. 808TGS, you can be a bit less aggressive and Conor consistently changes his tune on MCU films. He doesn’t find faults at first and then his opinion changes where it swings wildly a year or two later.

    • My opinions on the MCU films are remarkably consistent. I can’t think of a single one on which I’ve changed my mind — maybe IRON MAN 2, but I can’t remember what I thought of it at the time — but it’s possible there is one out there I can’t remember.

      DOCTOR STRANGE? I wasn’t even on that podcast. You would have no idea what I thought of it when I first saw it. I didn’t see it until weeks after it came out and I remember finding it unmemorable by the time I left the theater.

      I don’t find faults in MCU movies? I said from the start (on the show if I was on it) that I didn’t like ENDGAME, didn’t like the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films, didn’t really enjoy THOR: RAGNAROK, and that CAPTAIN MARVEL was just kind of okay. There may even be others.

      At this point you guys are just making shit up.

    • I went back and checked where I was wrong since it was Mike Romo who changed his opinion on Doctor Strange, not Conor who went from really liking it to saying it’s boring one year later. I know you, Conor, back then with the Ragnarok review said you all changed your opinion on Man of Steel 3 days later in the comments. I am confusing you with Mike then and do remember you saying that about those films where you liked the experience of Ragnarok more than the movie itself and liked the humor more there compared to GOTG. Now I would not be surprised if opinions change with Black Widow. It is the very definition of fine.

  2. I will add to what Josh said on the podcast regarding wanting to see more mind blowing action from Black Widow. I recently re-watched Iron Man II and pleasantly had forgotten this was the first appearance of Black Widow. I would propose that the fight sequence she has in that movie was more impressive than anything she did in her own movie. I’m kinda with Josh in that I was a little underwhelmed with her action sequences specifically.

    Overall loved the movie but coulda used 50% more family time and 50% less action.

    • So, you wanted to see more “mind blowing” action but felt the movie needed 50% less action. Makes perfect sense.

    • 808TGS, you can have less action scenes that are much better where they hit much harder at that point. Atomic Blonde isn’t very good, bud has 2 great action scenes that are memorable where one involves a staircase. They stand out more where the action is very generic and nothing is that memorable especially compared to Black Widow in other movies.

    • *but, not bud

  3. Black Widow was a very average movie with subpar action scenes. The family dynamic worked, but it had unnecessary humor like many MCU movies such as making a joke out of being made infertile which is a horrific thing. Red Guardian said that Yelena didn’t need to get so clinical and it has been ignored after a moment like that was taken more seriously in Age of Ultron. The problem was the controversial dialogue with Natasha asking if Bruce was the only monster on the team.

    The action should have been at minimum as good as other action scenes such as even in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier. The choreography wasn’t very good and the plot with the magic dust to get rid of the mind control was so sloppy. Anyone who has seen The Raid films or The Night Comes For Us like myself just becomes disappointed watching Black Widow with those action scenes. They are not good enough and it is a huge problem with relying on previs where the third act never needed the falling fortress and was ridiculous for a Black Widow movie. Natasha getting overshadowed by Yelena is a problem too. Florence Pugh was great, however, this movie should have been A LOT better.

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