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Special Edition – Batman vs. Two-Face

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the second (and final?) DC Classic Original Movie based in the Batman 66 world!

Running Time: 00:30:37




“Batman TV Series Theme”
Neil Hefti


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  1. GODDAMN that little clip at the very end of this episode caught me off guard and I spontaneously burst into tears.

    (Great episode guys.)

  2. I dragged my heels to watch this movie because I knew it’d be the last time I’d get Adam West performing as Batman. And like @Cooper, my eyes welled up at that closing dedication. Goodbye, Bright Knight. Thanks for being my first Batman.

    That being said… terrific review, as always, iFanboy Animation Braintrust. While I, too, thoroughly enjoyed “Batman vs. Two-Face,” I actually liked “Return of the Caped Crusader” a bit more (thought it was funnier, a bit fresher) but otherwise this podcast was very much a Vulcan mind-meld: your thoughts were my thoughts. Loved hearing about the rumored Wonder Woman 77 team-up tease?! – how awesome would that have been. Like you guys, I think this catalogue of animated B66 movies could’ve gone for a long string of films; I think at some point several years down the road, once it’s respectful, it still might – I could see it continue with a cast of voice-alikes. It’s like those Brady Bunch movies from the 1990s, the show takes on a new appeal now that we can parody it. And the Dozierverse is simply too big and too fun to not play with ever again.

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