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Special Edition – Batman: Soul of the Dragon

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest release from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line… Batman: Soul of the Dragon! Plus looking forward to JSA: World War II and the return of the Showcase Shorts!

Running Time: 00:33:07


“Kung Fu Fighting”
Carl Douglas


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  1. Agreed, this was pretty great.

    In other news have you heard about the new epic cross over Ko-Mahndi and the Green Lantern Corpse team up to help defend an attack on Ass-Guard?
    What is it about some comic book people and the difficulty to learn and remember how to pronounce words and names properly for the books they read. We have definitive easily accessible sources in creator interviews, movies- media- it’s not just how you read it in 1989 in your head anymore.
    Its just so rampant across the community. And it’s a phenomenon that seems especially stuck here.
    For example in other media: Ka-mah-la Harris. For a long time the general public and the media pronounced her name as Kah- mall- ah which is incorrect until she finally made a point to educate everyone and within days we all learned how to do it and it stuck.
    It’s like we need flash cards or something for the comic book community.
    If one more comic book person says Dark-seed – I swear…

  2. In all the special stuff the Batman ears were based upon Cliff Chang art. Bruce Timm thought it looked retro and fit.

    Fun stuff and thanks for continuing to do these, I finally skipped one with Death in the Family and was glad to get more of these.

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