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Special Edition – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the newly released Blu-ray remaster of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm!

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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


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  1. 1) Batman Begins (first date with my wife gets the top spot)
    2) Batman: The Movie
    3) The Lego Batman Movie
    4) The Dark Knight
    5) Batman
    6) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    7) Batman Returns
    8) The Dark Knight Rises
    9) Batman & Robin
    10) Batman Forever

  2. This was a fun discussion! Thanks guys.

    I’m not gonna list a top 10, I’m just gonna use this opportunity to show off how much money I’ve wasted on this stuff:


    I think MotP is so well regarded because it allows the animated series to have a place in the “important” theatrical legacy. Like, when people say MotP is their favourite Batman movie, what they mean is “I love TAS more than any movie.” It’s similar to Batman ’66 – that movie is a lot of fun, but I’d certainly say there are better individual episodes.

    Also, while I agree that it’s odd that Andrea is never mentioned in the series as such an important character in Bruce’s history, I think it’s just a logistics thing. They couldn’t know for sure that people watching the show had definitely seen the movie, right? Additionally, we’re rewatching TAS now, and they don’t do much continuity between episodes, or multi episode arcs, apart from two-parters.

    Lastly, with animated features, I believe Batman vs Two-Face, the last Adam West performance, is due this Autumn. That’ll be bittersweet.

  3. “There’s a lot of cool scenes with motorcycles in this film…”

    The scene where Bruce punches a guy off a motorcycle in weird-slow motion is directly ripped off of the anime Akira. That’s why it’s in there and why it feels a little odd. Time would do a similar thing in Batman Beyond Return OF The Joker when he steals the satellite laser scene from Akira.

  4. Haven’t listened yet am about too. Still love that you guys are doing these Podcasts.

    I still really can’t believe they keep on putting this line of movies out; but Warner Brothers must feel like they make enough money or create enough buzz to keep making them. I only got into comics in like 2012 and it was through re-discovering Batman the Animated Series from my childhood, I looked at what Bruce Timm was doing and discovered these. Right at the same time I randomly picked Batman the Long Halloween off the shelf at Half Priced books, read it and was hooked on comics. But didn’t always know what to read, so I would buy these movies off Amazon for cheap and then would realize they were based on previous comics – I would then go buy those books. So I discovered my two favorite non-Batman stories All-Star Superman and New Frontiers through these movies. I think I would have eventually found them anyway as I did more research and starting listening to comics Podcasts and commentary’s but when I was getting into it I didn’t realize there were online communities for folks to “talk comics.” These movies did help in my discovering process.

    Anyway looks like they have 4 (technically 3, but one is two parts) more lined up (link below), would love to get thoughts from the Brain Trust on what is coming. I’m excited for Batman by Gaslight. Indifferent towards Suicide Squad, hope it’s good but it doesn’t excite me (similar to how I have felt about the Teen Titans movies, low expectations). And slightly confused by redoing the Death of Superman. Feels like DC really feels like that story still has legs, I know in the 90’s it was a huge seller but is it still? I’m more excited for the second part, the Reign of the Supermen I guess. I feel like I will just treat the first Death of Superman as how that story happening in Superman the Animated series (kind of like Mask of the Phantasm) where this one will be in it’s own universe. I guess…

    Anyway thanks again Paul, Ryan, and Conor for continuing these Podcasts – these movies still have a special place in my heart and I love listening to you guys talk about them, it is always entertaining.


    • Thanks!

      But to be clear BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM isn’t from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line. This was a film that was released theatrically in 1993 and is now being released on Blu-ray for the first time.

    • Yeah sorry, I’m grouping all the DC animated movies together for the sake of ease. I just got to the part where you guys talk about the upcoming ones. I would love you guys to watch episodes of BTAS and STAS and talk about them. My kids are just getting old enough to watch them and it is so fun watching them with them.

  5. Haven’t actually seen MotP yet, but I always enjoy listening to these episodes. Here’s my theatrical Batman list:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Batman Begins
    3. Batman: The Movie
    4. The LEGO Batman Movie
    5. The Dark Knight Rises
    6. Batman & Robin (it’s not a GOOD movie, but it vacillates between camp and so-bad-it’s-good throughout, making it hilariously watchable)
    7. Batman ’89
    8. Batman Returns
    9. Batman Forever
    10. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Conor’s surprising ranking of the third Nolan Batman inspired me to go on a deep dive of your Batman theatrical film special edition shows. I’d love to know what changed between when he originally watched it, when his opinion on it was more or less that there were some problems but it was an all right film with a really good ending and some great performances, and today, when it ranks below BvS and the Schumacher films.

    I don’t remember Conor’s initial thoughts on BvS, and I haven’t gotten to that episode yet, but I thought the placement was notable especially in comparison to the Lego Batman Movie, which the three of you all seemed to think was fun enough but ultimately a kind of lackluster outing. It’s always interesting to see how opinions change! I actually just watched the Rises for the first time in a few years, and I think I’d agree that it doesn’t hold up super well, particularly compared to the rest of Nolan’s excellent oeuvre. It’s sooooo long…

    • It is interesting to see how movie opinions change on ifanboy.
      It’s also just a little weird to hear more praise for something like Justice League War than Phantasm. –
      And talk about soft looking Justice League war looks like it was drawn with Vaseline on the lens – and the ‘story telling”

  6. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    My ranking is as follows (I haven’t seen Lego Batman, and saw Batman the Movie when I was too young to remember):

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Batman 1989
    3. Batman Begins
    4. Mask of the Phantasm
    5. Batman Returns
    6. The Dark Knight Rises
    7. Batman v. Superman
    8. Batman Forever
    9. Batman and Robin

  7. I think it’s been… boy, years since I’ve posted on ifanboy. But I cannot, I SHALL NOT, resist an opportunity to list things!

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Batman: The Movie
    3. The Lego Batman Movie (the most, and I mean this unironically, authentic and resonant character arc Bruce Wayne has ever had in a theatrical release)
    4. Batman & Robin (a criminally underrated camp masterpiece)
    5. Batman Begins
    6. Batman Forever
    7. Mask of the Phantasm
    8. Batman ’89
    9. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
    10. The Dark Knight Rises
    11. Batman Returns

    Great show, guys! Every time you release one of these Brain Trust specials it makes me long for a weekly podcast where you three review animated features. Thanks!

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