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Special Edition – Avengers: Endgame

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This is the end, the final curtain, the big show. Josh Flanagan and Ryan Haupt got together, and talked about the bathroom situation and other facets from this biggest of superhero movies. What was good, what was bad, and what else can we pull out of this three hour extravaganza of superhero gluttony? The time is now.

It’s the big one, so if you made it through the movie, you can handle this especially long special edition podcast. We are inevitable.

Running Time: 01:09:13

“The End of the Movie”


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  1. I had a thought during the all female hero charge that it felt a little self congratulatory, and I agree that it also felt a bit contrived. The “She’s not alone” scene from the first Infinity War movie felt better executed to me when trying to convey the same sort of sentiment. Though while I was having this thought the woman behind me cried out in excitement and my wife next to me was digging it. I realized it was getting the intended reaction so I quickly dismissed it.

    I suspect the reason they animate Pegasus galloping in the air when it makes no sense is because if their legs just hung there they would look silly. I feel like there’s no good pose for a horse to get into where it would look natural for it to be flying. Horses running on the other hand look awesome. Makes sense since that’s what they were built to do.

    • Agreed, if the horse’s feet just dangled it would look way more weird.

    • well in Fantasia, I remember the the winged horses tucking their legs up against their body when soaring through the air. It’s probably also that way in Hercules, haven’t seen that movie in a while though. Maybe her horse is just a fan of the “airwalk” in skateboarding

    • Where did Valkyrie’s winged horse come from anyway?

  2. The random kid at the funeral is apparently the kid from IM3 all grown up.

  3. In my theater I also had opinionated nerd guy behind me riffing the trailers before the movie. I had to let out a sigh as he vocalized his disapproval of the Star Wars trailer. Luckily the guy was respectful once the movie started. Well either he was or the movie was way to load for me to hear him anymore.

    I really enjoyed that instead of one big battle the whole 3 hours (which would have gotten tiring) the movie was a “time heist”. I thought that was a fun choice to make. We still got a big battle at the climax and I thought it was long enough. Also always rewarding to see all those characters interacting in one big battle, and how do you not react when Steve wields the power of Thor. Also Steve got to dance with Peggy at the end. I think it’s kinda cool that this movie bookend-ed the first Captain America movie. I know Tony should be the big gut punch moment, but we knew they were going to do that (just not how). I was curious what they were gonna do with Cap and I like how they closed his story out. I’m very curious to see how they keep this thing going without those two characters since they carried the majority of the weight through all of this so far.

    • Because now there are two timelines. Remember how much the movie hammered us over the head that anything that goes forward in time must come right back to the instant it left, or there is a divergent timeline now?

      Thanos went forward in time and never returned. Therefore there is a timeline where he never invaded Earth, thus never giving the Avengers a reason to reunite. And where the Snap never happened. So, now you can do “no-Snap” stories where something fills those voids. Or you can do “post-Snap” stories in the original timeline with the inheritors and those inspired by the OG’s. Very cool if they use it.

    • On the subject of Cap, his exhausted annoyance at his younger self’s “I can do this all day” was a great bit and “America’s ass” made me laugh way more than it should have. His run at Thanos while wielding Mjölnir was thrilling and delightfully unexpected. I don’t know how I was the only one who cheered in the theatre; it was such a perfect scene.

  4. The number of “we got this” and amounts of rebar was impressive!!!!!

  5. Hemsworth has spoken about how he would like to continue as Thor as he has felt a renewed enthusiasm for the character since Ragnarok, like in this interview


    So it could be possible that he will be back, and I would be fine with that, even if it is as part of Asgardians of the Galaxy

    • I was really disappointed with how Thor was handled throughout. Infinity War did a wonderful job showing just how years of cumulative trauma were finally bearing down on him. His moment with Rocket on the Benetar was heart-breaking but sensitively handled. And Endgame – for a few minutes at least- followed that up in a way that felt legit. I absolutely accepted a broken, overweight, alcoholic God of Thunder. What sticks in my craw is the way his teammates responded to his depression and guilt- by making fun of him and treating him like a weirdo. I suppose we could argue that he didn’t want, or think he needed, anyone’s help, but when he finally came around to the plan, they still gave him the side-eye and “melted ice cream” treatment, Same with Hawkeye, really. I’m slightly baffled about his life choices after The Snap, but it doesn’t make his suffering any less valid. Why did it take five years for anyone to go out and find him? In fairness, Nat acknowledged that failure but overall, I’d say the Avengers are lousy at emotional support. For a movie that was so rightly engaged with the aftermath of The Snap, the Avengers really dropped the ball on their teammates.

      One more thing, I kinda dig the idea of Thor hanging with the Guardians- maybe he can finally get Peter to grow the eff up- Quill’s reckless, insecure bluster has gone on long enough.

    • I agree Thor’s PTSD was compelling and for the most part handled well. I think his parts in Infinity War was some of the best stuff in that movie. It was shitty the way the other avengers treated him in this movie. Though that is a thing that happens unfortunately. Especially to people who we think should be able to take it like authority figures. Thor does present himself as the god of thunder.

      I’m very curious what this new Guardians movie will be considering everything that happened to them as a result on these last two Avengers films. I mean the Avengers were pretty much destroyed as a result of this event, but they had no upcoming movies. the Guardians were maybe less devastated since the majority of their team is intact, but it still feels like they were knocked out of their orbit so to speak.

  6. Starting a petition to put “Thanos had a few good ideas” on the DVD box.

  7. I thought that unidentified kid was the one from Iron Man two the one he gives all that equipment to

  8. I really liked the movie. I’m 45 & have never seen a franchise as near perfect as the MCU (DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, 007… etc.). I had to sit through a lot of bad, bad, bad comic book movies in my life and there is barely a stinker in the 22 MCU movies but I have two issues with End Game. #1) They never defeated the Thanos that beat them. I feel a little cheated on that. #2) I hate that they used Time Travel to fix the snap. That’s just lazy writing. I mean… any movie can fix itself by pulling out time travel and just undoing what happened. You have 60 years+ of Marvel history to go through and you couldn’t use a unique Marvel invention to pull out of your rear end? I’m more a DC guy than a Marvel guy so I don’t know quite as much as I should but couldn’t they have “found” anywhere in the Treasure chest that Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, Roy Thomas, Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman, Byrne, Claremont, David, Bendis… created over the last 60 years? They used time travel???

    I mean call that Quantum Realm place the Negative zone, The Ultimate Nullifier, or call it the 7th Gem/Stone That neutralizes all Gem/Stones and lure Thanos in there and even the playing field… I just think it would have been nice that a threat like Thanos should have been defeated the Marvel way. Nuff Said!!!

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