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Pick of the Week #92 – Justice Society of America #8

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:58:37

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – Josh finally acknowledges a fan favorite by selecting Justice Society of America #8 as the Pick of the Week!

00:09:48 – Uncanny X-Men #489 had Conor and Ron at odds.
00:13:50 – iFanboy is starting to really dig Countdown.
00:17:15 – Ron and Conor are barely hanging onto World War Hulk #3. Josh is out.
00:21:25 – The New Avengers: Illuminati #4 provoked different reactions from the guys.
00:26:08 – Josh took a chance on All-New Atom #14 and surprises the guys by liking it.
00:27:41 – Josh is really loving The Exterminators.
00:28:40 – Conor took a chance on Supergirl #20 and he really liked it!
00:30:13 – She-Hulk #20 wrapped up everything! No, like everything.

00:34:36 – Terrence H. from Portland OR has no comic book friends.
00:37:56 – Vichous S. from New York, NY is confounded by Marvel continuity.
00:40:49 – Craig M. from Chicago, IL hates Iron Man.

00:44:40 – Dash from Boulder, CO talks about Batman: Year 100, an alternate Fantastic Four, and Young Adult fiction.
00:49:29 – Damon from Rochester, NY wants to know about the podcast music.
00:50:48 – Paul Montgomery from the Fuzzy Typewriter wants to know if Watchmen and/or The Dark Knight Returns can be duplicated.

00:53:47 – We’ve finally got t-shirts!
00:54:32 – Ron and Gordon the Intern are off to Chicago! Head over to our WizardWorld Chicago page and get all the info!
00:57:23 – Some San Diego thank yous.

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