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Reprint: iFanboy #80 – Alex Robinson

Show Notes

Alex Robinson is one of Josh’s favorite comic book creators. He’s the man behind the mostly slice of life graphic novels, Box Office Poison and Tricked, as well as the recent Alex Robinson’s Lower Regions.

This week sees the release of Robinson’s newest graphic novel, Too Cool to be Forgotten, the story of a man who is transported back to his high school days, while retaining his 40 year old mind and memories.

Josh went to Alex’s studio, and they talk about all the books, Alex’s career, as well as a look at how he actually works, right down to the nuts and bolts of lettering and inking.

There are superhero and adventure comics all over the place, but for comics about (mostly) real people, with characters and situations you’ll relate to, as well as a powerful emotional punch, Robinson’s work with Top Shelf Productions is hard to beat, and they make great comics for anyone.


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  1. I think that next paycheck I’m going to have to check these books out. They seem quite interesting. I’ve gone back and listened to some of iFanboy’s back log of episodes and Alex Robinson’s name is mentioned quite a bit. So, consider my curosity piqued. Excellent "reprint."


  2. Good interview. I skipped this one when it was first on, citing, "Pssh! I don’t know this guy!" Luckily, I had a more open and inviting state of mind today (I don’t mean like I’ve gone through great changes when this episode was first uploaded, I mean this day, specifically. Tomorrow I might be belligerantly opposed to new things). I might soon be working in a Barnes and Noble, and may pick up Box Office Poison with my first paycheck just to be ironic.

  3. Awesome interview.  I really liked that first question about the transition from hobby to full time job.  I’m trying to make a living as a cartoonist, and I can’t imagine a more nervwracking experience.  Like jumping without a net.

    Nice to see a man in his environment.  You both seemed pretty comfortable, and it’s great seeing your admiration for him Josh.  You can tell that he’s one of your faves.

    Great job!

  4. I’ve read BOX OFFICE POISON and TRICKED, but it’s been years. Now I want to go back and read those books again. Just need to find the time.

    Nice discussion here. Also, nice to place more of a face to the voice I hear over at the Ink Panthers podcast.

  5. Video not available?

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