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Reprint: iFanboy – Episode #27: “Appeltini”

Show Notes

Sure, in the world of comic books, writers and artists get all the
headlines – but who REALLY makes a comic book come together? The
letterer, that’s who! And when you think great comic book letterers,
you probably think Chris Eliopoulos. In this episode, iFanboy visits
one of the industry’s premiere person of letters to find out how he got
into the business, how a comic is actually lettered, and to talk about
his own comic book creations. So come join us as we roll up our sleeves
and get kerning.


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  1. I skipped this one the 1st time around and I declare myself a blithering idiot for it! Great episode!

  2. Oh, and the still image used for the video before you hit play looks like Eliopoulos just learned the big secret plot of the movie ("KRACKOOOM: Legend of the Fallen Letterer") and has turned to the camera, as well as we the audience, in dramatic fashion.

  3. I laughed pretty hard at "Oh this is all my wife."

    I like Eliopoulos, he’s a sharp guy.

  4. try as i might this just will not load for me. :/

  5. Did you try downloading it directly from Revision3?


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