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Pick of the Week #108 – Powers #27

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:55:15

Pick of the Week:
00:01:36 – Josh makes no bones about choosing Powers #27 as the Pick of the Week.

00:08:49 – The train keeps a-rollin’ in Captain America #32.
00:12:48 – Checkmate #20 was one of the best issues in a while.
00:18:07 – Josh enjoyed him some 1950s P.I. action with Hawaiian Dick #1.
00:21:45 – With The Umbrella Academy #3, Ron is upgrading the series.
00:25:24 – New X-Men #44 was not enough to make Conor care about the New X-Men.
00:27:14 – Ron felt gipped by Detective Comics #838.
00:28:53 – The Flash #234 and The Brave and the Bold #8 presented an interesting contrast.
00:30:26 – Conor dug The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham By Gaslight while the others rolled their eyes.
00:32:35 – Do the revelations in She Hulk #23 inadvertently expose the lack of readership?
00:34:12 – Lockjaw! Franklin Richards: Fall Football Fiasco!
00:34:50 – Josh can’t get enough of Hellblazer #238.

00:35:58 – Stacey from Decateur, GA needs some comics for a dad returning to Marvel.
00:38:54 – Andrew from Texas has a question for each of the guys.
00:43:41 – David O. from The Republic of Ireland is going to name his kid after a comic book character.

00:45:49 – Luke from Denver, CO wants more war comics.
00:48:02 – Jeff from Texas is mad at iFanboy.
00:48:34 – Jeff from Texas apologizes for being wrong.
00:49:15 – Darrel from Queens, NY hates Bendis.

00:50:51 – Check out the new iFanboy store for all your holiday needs!

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