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Pick of the Week #568 – Motor Girl #3

Show Notes

Since there was nothing else of any importance going on in the world this week, Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick figured they might as well talk about some comic books.

Running Time: 00:59:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:43 – Motor Girl #3

Motor Girl_3Comics:
00:13:00 – Green Lanterns #15
00:16:27 – Kill or Be Killed #5
00:20:45 – Batman #15
00:24:02 – Monsters Unleashed #1
00:28:16 – Invincible Iron Man #3
00:29:49 – The Clone Conspiracy #1
00:30:38 – Trinity #5
00:31:47 – Black Hammer Giant-Sized Annual #1
00:33:03 – Spider-Gwen #16

Star Wars Corner:
00:35:25 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3

00:38:59 – Justice League of America: The Ray: Rebirth #1

Patron’s Choice:
00:43:12 – Curse Words #2

Patron Thanks:
00:48:16 – Kieran Clarkin
00:49:35 – Wakonda Robertson
00:50:01 – Jon Cymerman
00:51:12 – James Wright

Audience Question:
00:52:19 – Greg B. from Oakland, CA asks if the X-Men are still relatable and/or relevant?

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  1. Brilliant song choice for this week.

  2. Great podcast as usual guys. Thank you for your time and hard work.

  3. Conor, you’re thinking of the Multiversity Guidebook (issue 7) by Grant Morrison

  4. With respect to the shorter arcs (like Green Lanterns and Batman’s most recent entry), the rumor is DC is looking to do just that in many of their books. I’m 100% behind this. 6-issue arcs way too often feel padded out, and it’s much easier to keep artistic consistency on a 2-4 issue arc rather than 6 issues.

  5. Josh you might have killed James! Or at least made him no longer a living being. One of the requirements to fit the biological definition of life is metabolism, which includes taking in organic matter to break it down into energy. If he’s a closed system that isn’t taking anything in, he’s not considered alive.

  6. Just read JLA: THE RAY: REBIRTH: MULTIPLE COLONS, and I see what you guys mean. The issue did seem choppy, and needed more motivation for the characters, plus a clearer take on The Ray’s power-set. But the art was indeed pretty – and I think Orlando did at least convey enough of what could be cool about this character to make me want to see more of him in the ongoing JLA: REBIRTH title to come. Lastly, we see Ray Terrill being from “Vanity” in this issue – which seems to be the same as Aztek’s “Vanity City.” Will Aztek be getting Rebirth’ed, too?

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