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Pick of the Week #556 – The Flintstones #4

Show Notes

It’s the march of the endless #1 issues! Just when you think you’re done, there are more #1’s around the corner. Sometimes, we thought we had read all the #1’s, but there were even more left unread. Sit back for a whole lot of talk about a whole lot of great comics, and the debut of White Falcon.

Running Time: 01:11:11

Pick of the Week:
00:02:41 – The Flintstones #4

00:13:54 – Superman #8
00:20:50 – Green Arrow #8
00:28:51 – Enchanted Tiki Room #1
00:30:27 – Cage #1
00:33:40 – Jessica Jones #1
00:37:38 – Archie Meets Ramones #1
00:40:18 – Death of X #1
00:45:34 – Moonshine #1
00:48:56 – Champions #1
00:52:17 – Green Valley #1

Patrons’ Choice:
00:54:07 – Black #1

Patron Thanks:
01:01:56 – Michael Webb
01:03:04 – David B. Cooper
01:03:49 – Eddie Woodley
01:05:05 – Greg McCrohan

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  1. Shade, The Changing Girl was my fave of the week. Hope you try it out.

  2. I was anticipating a solo Luke Cage book to accompany the new show, but CAGE seems so out of touch with where the character has been as of late and with the tone of the new show. It seems like something that isn’t appropriate to be released at this time. Also, the artwork is just bizarre to me. Not a style I can really appreciate.

  3. My favourite book this week was easily Walter Hill’s Triggerman. The artwork was stellar and I loved the pages with no dialogue that seemed thick with atmosphere.

    I really liked Cage! too. Its funky satirical 1977 and how cartoonish it’s plot and art were. It certainly looks like it will make fun of Luke Cage as much as anything else but I’m onboard.

    Doctor Strange’s ongoing continues to impress too.

  4. Thanks for the shows and the rewards, guys. It was nice timing to get the issue Flashpoint : Secret 7 (featuring Milligan’s Shade: The Changing Man) the same week as the new Shade series.

  5. Once this Flintstones run is done Josh should do a Talkspode with Mark Russel and his editors. The subject can be “How we got away with this” or maybe “How to hide in plain sight”.

  6. I didn’t read Cage this week, but from your description it sounds like this book is a throwback to the original series “Luke Cage, Hero for Hire” 1972-1973 which ran for 16 issues (a lot of the characters in the Netflix show are from this series) and during that run he wasn’t referred to as Power Man. It wasn’t until after the 16th issue, when the book was relaunched, that the character took on the name of Power Man. So if you’re looking for a fun read, check it out in the Marvel Unlimited app especially if you want a view into Marvel’s 1970’s Time Square.

  7. Either this week or last week you guys mentioned that the show breakdown is in the show descriptions when you download the podcast. This may be true for some podcast apps, but it’s not for Apple’s generic podcast app. Not complaining (because it’s right here on the website for all to see). Just letting you know.

    And thanks for years of great podcasts!

  8. In regards to your upcoming luke cage show especial extravaganza(!!!)

    I’m up to episode 9, and I wish it would just wrap up, stranger things really hit the sweet spot in terms of length. I’m actually surprised there was no review of that.

    My impression so far is that luke cage is a compelling, and well produced show, with a solid cast. The plot is plodding along at a pretty bumbly pace, and the dialogue suffers from lazy writing at times, specifically the first encounter with diamondback. They clearly spent more on musical guests (which are great) than on writers. I’m feeling a 3.5 for this one.

    Ratings, ratings… ratings! Ratings?

    Btw, hearing you guys echo the word ratings is my new favorite part of the show, please, rate more things. Like Bomba socks?

  9. Awesome show as always, gents. Thanks!

    One humble request – if you are going to give spoilers based on advance previews/solicitations, if you think of it would you give a second spoiler alert on that?

    I don’t read previews or solicitations so as to leave myself open for surprises, so the spilling the beans about the upcoming supernatural element of “Moonshine” was kind of spoilerific. If not even spoilerageous.

    No biggie, of course, and like I said at the top, your show rules. Great to see the booksplodes and talksplodes returning! Josh does the best comics interviews in the biz, hands down.

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