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Pick of the Week #555 – Deadly Class #22

Show Notes

In this episode Conor Kilpatrick has trouble saying the various forms of “patron”, Josh Flanagan is grumpy, and it’s the end of ratings… ratings, at least for DC’s Rebirth.

Running Time: 01:02:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:07 – Deadly Class #22

Comics:Deadly Class_22
00:10:42 – Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1
00:15:25 – Teen Titans: Rebirth #1
00:21:04 – Saga #38
00:23:47 – Nova #11
00:25:52 – Astro City #39
00:29:13 – Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz #2
00:34:16 – Surgeon X #1
00:40:11 – Captain Marvel #9
00:41:58 – The Hellblazer #2
00:43:22 – Suicide Squad #3
00:43:50 – Captain America: Steve Rogers #5

Star Wars Corner:
00:45:44 – Star Wars #23

Patrons’ Choice:
00:47:04 – Josie and the Pussycats #1

Audience Questions:
00:50:12 – Greg B. from Oakland, CA is not sure about the overall nature of DC’s Rebirth.

Patron Thanks:
00:52:49 – Ben Hawkes
00:54:16 – Bill Simoni
00:55:15 – Martin Scherer
00:56:44 – Adam Duh

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  1. There was an “I got this” in Batgirl number 3 this week

  2. Waited til I read Saga before listening to this podcast. Saga is my favorite book on the market right now. However, I have been feeling that BKV is writing shock value for sake of shock value. Opening the book with Taints and little things like the “Fucking HArdly” line in the part where they ask how all these races are helping each other. It almost feels forced now. Its not that im a prude, its just not adding to the story outside of “How can we go crazy this month and add something that most people would deem offensive”. To give an analogy, I am a big hip hop fan, but when a rapper uses too much “Fucks” and “Pussys” I write them off as terrible writers in this craft. I guess I’m getting to, I don’t feel like it adds to the overall story. The story isnt better by adding all the crude stuff every issue. Its great on its own merit. Also, I miss Gus, I want an issue where Gus messes up a ton of bad guys.

  3. Just to note that Marta in this months Astro City is actually a returning character from way back in #4 of the first Astro City mini-series (1995) where she got a job outside of Shadow Hill but then decides to move back – as she refers to in this issue.

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