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Pick of the Week #552 – Aquaman #6

Show Notes

We’re all over the map this week with the comics talk. Lots of DC legacy discussion, some ratings, some bad jokes and a large amount of great art gets discussed. Plus floppy boots and memories of early 1980s King Arthur movies. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Conor Kilpatrick thinks it does, and he thinks Aquaman is better than all that. Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards? They’re ready to watch Excalibur.

Running Time: 01:06:32

Pick of the Week:
00:02:14 – Aquaman #6

00:12:30 – Cyborg: Rebirth #1
00:21:52 – Skybourne #1
00:25:40 – Batman #6
00:28:49 – Kill or Be Killed #2
00:33:45 – The Flintstones #3
00:38:08 – Spidey #10
00:38:54 – Doctor Strange #11
00:39:22 – Moon Knight #6
00:40:39 – The Sheriff of Babylon #10

Patrons’ Choice:
00:41:34 – Glitterbomb #1

I/We/You Got This Corner:
00:47:41 – Green Arrow #6 and Squadron Supreme #11

Audience Questions (Voicemail Edition):
00:48:08 – Eric from Detroit, MI wants to know our comics pet peeves.
00:52:37 – Lukas B. from Neulengbach, Austria might be a robot. We’re worried.

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“Right Choice”
Can’t Swim


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  1. Great show as always, guys and so glad to hear you guys are doing a Booksplode on Dark Night, which, oddly enough, I’m currently working on a review of as well for my blog (with some Airboy stuff thrown in as well). It’s a really great read and definitely deserves more attention.

  2. I’m hoping that someone writes a Justice League story where pre-Flashpoint Superman, Booster Gold, and Cyborg spent at least half an issue talking in detail about their various football careers and the patrons vote for it so Ron is forced to read it.

  3. Ratings.

  4. This current run of Aquaman isn’t just good Aquaman it’s one of the best super hero comics on the stands right now.

    Also- I just read it in floppy form- decided to buy some paper comics for the first time in a while and listen I like a lot of things about digital comics- but Paper comics are really just the best.

  5. I am filled with excitement at the conclusion of each episode at the very concept that I may be given a superpower.

  6. Hi there! Fairly recent listener (in the last few months or so), but I’m listening to current as well as back episodes because I’ve been out of the comics scene for a while and your show is a great way to get some good recommendations on what I’ve missed. Keep it up!

    ANYWAY, the main reason that I’m writing is because I decided to stay in last night and watch the latest TMNT movie, and the phrase “I got this” (or some variation thereof) was literally used at least six times during the course of the film. And because of your podcast, I noticed it EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    Thanks for giving me a mental tic.

  7. Awesome intro and outro song, looking into Can’t Swim right away!
    Guess: is Ron editing this episode? 🙂

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