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Pick of the Week #550 – Star Wars #22

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 550th episode with an extra-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered!

Running Time: 02:05:00

Pick of the Week:
00:03:22 – Star Wars #22

Comic:Star Wars_22
00:13:28 – Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1

Patrons’ Pick:
00:21:35 – Kingsway West #1

Audience Questions:
00:32:31 – Nick P. from Luxembourg via Newport Beach, CA is a new weekly comic book reader and is not happy about the way digital comics are priced.
00:37:15 – Eric F. wants to hear the iFanboys’ thoughts on some of the biggest names in indie comics.
00:39:50 – Wes A. from Newport, MN doesn’t understand the popularity of Boba Fett.
00:43:03 – Syed A. from Centreville, VA wants to know how Warner Bros can right the DC movie ship.
00:48:28 – Josh from Boys Ranch, TX is concerned about an impending Star Wars backlash.
00:51:48 – Robert H. from Kentucky wants to know if Kingdom Come will ever get the animated treatment.
00:52:55 – Stewart S. from Chelmsford, England wants to know what the change from 20 pages from 22 pages did to the single issue comic.
00:56:07 – Jason B. is astonished that DC beat Marvel in marketshare in July 2016.
00:59:16 – Brad L. from Slidell, LA asks about rebar and G.I. Joe.
01:05:06 – Chad from Reseda, CA is sick of the ads in DC books.
01:07:17 – Tom C. from Solihull, England has some deep thoughts on the logistics of supervillain meetings.
01:10:57 – Gabe A. has a movie question for Conor and a time travel proposal for Josh.
01:12:16 – Robert from New Orleans, LA wants to know if the iFanboys still collect original art.
01:16:53 – Tyson from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wants to know if there are any classic runs that the iFanboys want to read (or reread).
01:20:17 – Scarlett from Hells Kitchen, NY is worried about Tim Drake.
01:26:57 – Adam from Florida has a real problem with Angel from the X-Men.
01:29:57 – Jimmy from New Jersey just bought his first page of original art and has questions.
01:32:03 – David L. is unhappy with the current state of comic book reviews.
01:38:38 – Jared from Muncie, IN is looking for academic comic book archives.
01:41:30 – Craig from Houston, TX misses all the old iFanboy content and wants to know if it will ever come back.
01:43:14 – Saad C. from Huntington Station, NY wants to know which stories would make great VR experiences.
01:45:28 – Damian from Pittsfield, MA is curious is today’s popular superheroes will exist in hundreds of years.
01:48:38 – Wakonda R. wants to know if we are currently experiencing a comic book renaissance.

Patron Spotlight:
01:53:21 – Paul Austin
01:56:18 – Bjorn Campbell
01:58:06 – Nicholas Kelly
01:58:51 – Pablo Duran

“Back and To The Left”
Texas is the Reason

The uncut video from the livestream:


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  1. Awesome show! I always enjoy the listener mail video format. I know you couldn’t get to it and this comment is mostly for Josh: The Hellblazer #1 was #prettymuchmyconstantine. Short coat aside-I think Oliver’s vision and voice was pretty much spot on and Moritat’s art works really well. Could be good times.

  2. Nick P. – best way to enjoy the back issues are the Unlimited programs. However, if you only want specific things, check out Comixology on a regular basis for sales. Sometimes they’ll do Marvel or DC BOGO sales, deep discounts on runs and collections, all kinds of stuff. I’ve gotten a whole bunch of New Valiant Eternal Warrior, the entire Spider-Man Clone Saga, slews of early X-Men, and more for very cheap. Especially check on Mondays (Marvel $.99 sales) and whenever new movies or TV shows come out – they usually tie sales to these things.

  3. Thanks again, awesome show as most always. I listened on my long drive to work this morning. And came back to this page to try and find the info on the Original art holders. I was shocked… Shocked I say, 😉 to find your time line was about 20 minutes off of what the YouTube time line is.

    So those looking for the product they were talking about it is http://www.bcemylar.com/display_frame.cfm

    I don’t have much original art, but I’ve been trying to figure out a good and easy way to display it, and this seems like a way more economical solution then the frame store. I like the stuff I do have and wish to share it, a Guillory, a Norton, and a Scalera, with a limited Cooke print (of James Bond). I think all will be getting this treatment, instead of keeping it in an acid free box as it is now.

  4. Great episode, but dang, I wish I’d not said I’d be happy to be an anonymous Patreon now … I want a super power!

  5. Another fantastic “big” show, guys. And I was surprised yet relieved to hear that Conor, too, wasn’t exactly loving the current characterization of Rebirth Superman. I thought I was the only one. While I do think Jurgens is doing a great job at writing him, for what this iteration is – Jurgens’ style really is like slipping into a comfy set of slippers – my problems with these D-Supermans we have been given since the New 52 (I’ll explain that below) have prevented me from bonding with them. Plus I totally agree with what Conor said, that making Superman and Batman into father characters ages and changes them; I do think it waters them down. You’d think we’d’ve learned our fucking lesson with how Scrappy Doo ruined the Scooby Doo franchise, but no.

    Anyway, these are what I refer to as the D-Supermans we’ve been given since the New 52:

    – Doomsday Superman
    – Depowered Superman
    – Daddy Superman

    I don’t care for any of them. They are not Superman! Lol Even H-Superman – Husband Superman – was tolerable in comparison, because being married doesn’t necessarily age you and change you as much as parenthood does. It makes me feel like nobody at DC Comics finds the real Superman engaging anymore. Well, except for Max Landis, whose American Alien might be the only Superman title I have loved for the past few years, but even that’s not exactly the real Superman I’m talking about. But yeah. It’s almost like DC Comics has been bored with their hallmark character and has been yearning to change not only his costume but also his character DNA and his modus operandi and his outlook on the world, and what he does. And/or maybe it’s just a case of DC wanting to appeal more to its aging Superman demo, who themselves are dads, and DC thinks Superman now will be more relatable as a dad? Gah. If that means we’ll be getting LS-Superman (Liver Spot Superman) in 30 years then no thanks

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