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Pick of the Week #547 – Midnight of the Soul #3

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick’s on the run, so Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards are here to talk about old New York, demons, racism, and a little Ned Beatty. This episode has a little bit for everyone!

Running Time: 01:06:12

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – Midnight of the Soul #3

00:12:13 – Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1
00:18:24 – Kill or Be Killed #1
00:25:02 – Moon Knight #5
00:26:56 – Black Science #23
00:28:45 – Doctor Strange #10
00:30:42 – Paper Girls #8
00:35:43 – Nightwing #2
00:37:04 – Invincible Iron Man #12
00:39:52 – The Walking Dead #157
00:40:59 – Superman #4

Patron’s Choice:
00:42:05 – Animosity #1

I Got This:
00:45:51 – Batman #4

Audience Questions:
00:48:05 – Matthew from North Carolina wants to fight racism with comics and needs some suggestions.
00:54:12 – Lukas from Neulengbach, Austria wants to know about crossovers we enjoyed?
00:58:45 – Ken from The Great White North asks what artist’s work we see when we think of a character?

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  1. Great show this week guys. Always enjoyable listening to your podcast 🙂

  2. Just this week, I finished FATALE. I’d picked it up in one of those digital sales where every issue is a buck. I’m not a Lovecraft guy either, but there was enough there for me to get most of what was happening. The end was a little odd in that I had to piece some of the details together myself but that seemed to be what Brubaker and Phillips were going. The art was, of course, gorgeous. Josh, if you’ve got the entire series laying around and the time to read it, it’s worth it.

    I mean, I know you don’t have time to read it. But if you did, you should read it.

  3. I haven;’t read the POW and I know that Chaykin is talented.
    But serious question.
    Can he actually draw a male head that Doesn’t look like that?
    I mean is it style or is he not physically capable of it?
    I welcome responses.

  4. This pick had me Chaykin all over.

    I’ll see myself out.

  5. At the risk of nitpicking, and that’s not my intent, I found the take on Mignight of the Soul to be an interesting one. From my perspective it seemed as though you guys gave Paper Girls a bit of a hard time for its propensity to use nostalgia as a crutch to cover up for perhaps less than great storytelling (Josh seemed to make the most of this point). However, by the same token, it seems like that very same feeling of nostalgia (though for a different era) is considered a strength for Midnight. I’m just not sure I understand the difference. Perhaps you just think Midnight is telling a better story?

    I just know for me personally, yes, I think it’s kind of cool to witness a story involving youths living in the 80s (the same time period in which I grew up in) . I don’t feel that is a gimick though. I like the story Paper Girls is telling. I legitimately thought Strange Things told an engaging story as well. The comment about nostalgia did seem a bit dismissive. Especially when it is praised for a different project.

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